Tuesday, May 1, 2018

India Implements The Mark Of The Beast


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The nation of India has just implemented The Mark Of The Beast.



In an unprecedented move the nation of India has just created an Identification System called AADHAAR that scans your fingerprints, eyes and faces in order for you to Buy and Sell, collect Welfare and even conduct bank Transactions.

Even travel through their Airports will require the registration of these things by the Universal Computer run by the NSA --- oops --- that’s Top Secret.

The Universal Computer is a collection of thousands of smaller computers that are all interconnected not only through satellites but also through Underwater and Underground cable systems across this planet that converge - I believe - just north of Eastern Montana and lead to a Major system in Utah.

This New Program forces ALL Indian residence to sit in front of a computer and allow it to read your Fingerprints, scan your eyes, and read your facial patterns.

Within a few weeks your Voice Patters will also be added to this Master Data Base.

Thus the Veri-chip has been completely out dated and computer chips imbedded in the Right Hand ofr Forehead are no longer needed.

Whenever you transact business you must have your finger print and facial patters read as well.

The only time this is not done is when someone goes to buy something with cash - but this is not very common as about 99% of all transactions in India now are done electronically.

This type is system is also being implemented in Britain and in not only being used for financial transactions but also to track people.

Already the system is being set up at every Abortion Clinics in Britain and if you stop to pray ant these clinics you wwill be tagged and bagged - arrested and prosecuted for praying.

These Orwellian rules will soon be implemented across the Globe and soon - before you even step outside your house - your fingerprints and Iris patterns will be read from mandatory In-Home cameras.

Of course  - we know that computers never make mistakesesesesesssss…

When the Mark of the Beast is discussed in Deuteronomy thousands of years ago it refers to your forehead and right hand - who you worship and what you do.

Since Computers were not around 3 over 3,000 years ago it is doubtful it referred to some Computer Chip Lucifer has created a few years ago.


1) Contrary to President Trump’s Campaign Promises General Mad Dog Mattis, Secretary fo Defense,  just announced that the US Troops will not be leaving Syria or Afghanistan any time soon.

He made it clear that until they win the peace Diplomatically they aren’t going anywhere - which actually makes sense.

Defeat the enemy in Battle then win the peace diplomatically before leaving.

2) As we stated would happen many times the Earth’s Magnetic Field is acting in some pretty weird ways.

No - the poles will not shift. They have been restored to where they were in the year 1650 AD.

What is happening is that the Sun is acting up - enlarging and sending out allot more Sun Spots - despite the lies put out by NASA.

You can confirm this by going to SOHOWWW

Note the GIF Movie for the LASCO/C2

When most of us were kids the sun was yellow. In 1993 it began burning more Helium than Hydrogen and so the Sun turned white and began to enlarge. Then, in a stupid fit of uncontrollable rage, in 2011 the last president destroyed the very device stabilizing the sun and in began to enlarge.

So here we are with an enlarging sun spitting out Sunspots at us at an alarming rate and the New Killer GMO Foods are designed to die when hit by these outbursts si now crop production in America is not falling.

Pray President Trump does as GOD asks him to do regarding this.

3) First Deutsche Bank, then France’s BNP and now Goldman Sach’s have been fined for manipulating the FX Market - which controls the Foreign Exchange Rates.

There were no arrests for this Illegal Market Manipulations - not in Germany, not in France and not here in America.

Not one.

4) As a final note: the US is now flying B-52 Bombers over the South Chinese Sea.

So the US is trying to intimidate the Chinese Navy with  a jet that was designed over 68 years ago and first flew in 1952.

Please pray for President Trump’s Safety
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Dr William B. Mount


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