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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Lefty Coup Goes Sideways


(1186) Lefty Loony Coup Goes Sideways - YouTube

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Before we begin we would thank President Trump for pulling out of the “Iranian No Deal” where You the TAX PAYER must pay Iran $1 Trillion Dollars a year.

It was never signed by either party.

The last President set this deal up, flew transport after transport of OUR US Dollars to Iran - Billions upon Billions of dollars were given to their leaders and still their economy is falling.

President Trump put a quick end to that travesty the day he took office.

No Iran, No Saudi Arabia, No China - no more free money, no more free rice.

I believe up until President Trump became our President almost all of the Rice Grown in California was Short Grain Rice and shipped to China for free as part of the “Post  Assistance Program’ after the end of WW2. The program just never ended thanks to the Socialist/Communists in the US State Department.

So finally - after 73 years - President Trump has ended the Free Money to Germany, France, Italy, etc  and China under the Marshal Plan and their Socialist Economies are falling apart, as is Deutsche Bank.

Apparently Deutsche Bank is loosing around over 25,000 employees this year - a present from the Living GOD.

Too bad Deutsche - should have done what GOD asked you to do but it appears your CEOs aren’t that smart, are you?

Now - back to the attempted Coup going sideways.

Apparently the “Special Prosecutor“ Robert Mueller - he has apparently had a “Talking To.”

For 12 years this man, who’s father Heinrich Mueller ran the NAZI SS, has been trying to blow this planet into little pieces of dust - and somebody has been keeping records of his involvement in this crime.

The Elites work by gathering Black Mail material on everyone else and using it to gain both power and money. We are not in the game because we have never sworn loyalty to Lucifer.

Apparently President Trump has not only been taught how to play this game very well, he has allot of folks on his side who do not want to see Planet Earth turned into a Meteor Shower.

So up pops the Former New York Attorney General - a real Lucifarian Lefty Freak named Eric Schneiderman and he came against the President.

Well - within 24 hours 4 women he severely abused in Satanic Sacrifice Rituals came forward to tell exactly what kind of Sexual Pervert this attorney really is - voila - he disappears into Oblivion to face 4 separate Court Cases of Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse,  Rape and Modern Day Slavery.

President Trump and his staff are master players at this game and are now on the Offensive.

As or the 30,000 or so sealed Indictments issued by the Federal Court Systems they will never be carried out. They will, however, be used to keep these sick lefty Loony Lucifarains in line while he drains “The Swamp.”

Unfortunately - until President Trump does as GOD has asked him to do he will loose all that he loves. He will remain a strong president but will never be happy again. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.

Pray for his safety and that we can remain on You Tube to continue to save his life.


1) A young girl recently went to her High School Prom and wore a dress that was Oriental in design and the lefty’s went loony: “How could a White Girl honor the Chinese and wear a Chinese Inspired Dress.”

These lefties have gone utterly mad with hate.

2) Obama Care is about to implode  - increasing in cost by almost 90% in some areas.

I have a friend that will now be paying almost $3,000 a month for health care for him and his daughter and there is a $5,000 deductible while Obama Care.

This insane Obama Care is also now running the VA Hospitals and is excluding VA Health Care for Physically Disabled Veterans.

3) Another Democrat Socialist (NAZI) - California Representative Eric Swalwell is now demanding “Assault Weapons” be banned and seized by police at Gun Point yet he cannot define what an Assualt Weapon is.

Another Lefty Loony Idiot put in office through Election Fraud.

4)The Boy Scouts are removing the world “Boy” from their title due to pressure by these Elite Lefty Nut Cases.

5) Google is announcing more Censorship for the Mid-Term Elections as the Worthless FCC and our President REFUSE to allow Free Speech on the Internet.

So until President Trump and Attorney’s General Jeff Sessions decide to get off their rear ends and enforce the Anti-Monopoly Laws the First Amendment is dead here on the Internet.

When President Trump Looses enough he may take action.

6) Finally - Deutsche Bank appears that it will now loose over 25,000 employees over the next year simply because of their Arrogant Ignorance in ignoring what GOD has asked them to do. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.

So CEO’s of Deutsche - you have lost 90% of your stock value and over 50% of your employees since you decided to ignored GOD?

If I were a stock holder who lost millions because you refused to do one thing that would have cost your bank around $10 - I would be very, very upset - but - stupid is as stupid does.

Watch and learn folks as GOD continues to tear them a New Rear End.

Smooth Move Exlax.


Do you not realize the consequences of coming against the Living GOD in our latest project?

Are you that stupid?

Now GOD will speak.

So HE has said it - so it shall be.

Its time we pray for your family and pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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