Saturday, May 5, 2018

Deep State Rats Are All Cornered


(1122) Deep State Rats Backed Into A Corner - YouTube

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We give out their bottles of Ceylon Cinnamon to diabetics, hint hint.

These Deep State Rats are being exposed at every level - who they are, what they are doing, where they live - it is all coming out.

People like Dave of the X-22 Report, Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog - the are all calling them out.

Jim Willie exposing their financial plans.

There are literally dozens of others like Natural News, Aim 4 Truth, Blacklisted News, and What Does It Mean who are brining all of these people to the forefront.

Here on this show we focus on exposing their Dirty Deeds so we can garnish prayer to counter these Evil Little Fallen Angels - as they call themselves.

We also focus on  stopping Presidential Assassinations and Nuclear False Flags.

These little School and Mall incidents involving Trained Snipers put on by people in the FBI are boring and second rate using the same victims over and over again both here and in countries overseas gets old.

The head of Lucifer Trust once said that once they were all exposed they have to leave.

Bye Bye - don’t let the door hit you in the rear.

Pray they leave without any more damage to us here on this planet anyway.

Companies like Facebook now planning to eliminate the Free Media across this planet - Pray these Fallen Angels and CIA Puppets are immediately and completely neutralized for the rest of their existence.

As for the “Twitter Error” where they just sold 330 million records - including your Bank Account Numbers and Social Security Numbers:

Either President Trump will take immediate action and arrest the leaders of these Corporations such as Google and Facebook and the VA for compromising National Security for selling our records around the world (and Hillary and Huma Abadeen for Torture and Murder) or GOD will take away every thing near and dear to President Trump.

So HE has said it - so hit shall be.

He will remain as President but he will loose what he loves most.

Yes - we still support and pray for President Trump’s Health but doing things like sending additional Special Forces to Saudi Arabia yesterday was not a good thing.

Either he listens to GOD or he does not.


1) General Motors is now firing it’s Full Time Employees and moving to hiring Part Time Workers - under 32 hours a week. In this way they do not have to provide them with Health Care, Days Off, Sick Leave, etc.

2) ESPN - along with most other Cable Companies - are now loosing customers hand over foot.

Over the last month - ESPN has lost over 500,000 customers and what is most amazing is they cannot figure out why.

All that money these executives  spent to get educated on marketing and they literally cannot figure it out why they are loosing customers.

Watch this show ESPN Executives and learn as your income dwindles. GOD will open your eyes.

3) The White Hats in Syria - a George Soros Owned NGO Corporation - made up the entire Gas Attack a few days ago.

It was complete with Make Up and Fake Doctors.

President Trump finally figured out that the US Tax Payer is paying for this NGO this Soros NGO and cut off their funding.

Why did he not cut off the US Funding of corporations like SERCO, ABC, NBC, CBS , CNN and PBS, World Vision and the Red Cross as well and thousands of others sucking off the Tax Dollars and creating conflicts around the world???

4) Socialism At It’s Finest, home of the Democratic Party of Hitler, the National Sozhaleest Party (NAZI) this experiment in socialism in Argentina has failed miserably.

The Peso of Argentina is now collapsing.

Up until around 2002 the Peso was about 1$ US Dollar per peso but somewhere around 2014 it began to dump to where it is today at around 22 Peso’s per dollar.

Another National Socialist (NAZI) Nation now falling apart because they ran out of someone else’s  money.

5) Deutsche Bank - the Bank of the Roman Empire for over 1,000 years - is losing their Houston Branch and laying off not 4,000 but around 9,000 employees.

Further - so many CEO’s of this bank have simply --- Vanished.

They made a really bad move about 3 years ago and now they are slowly being squeezed financially and until they fix that mistake they will continue to go down hill.

So HE has said it, so it shall be.


First - the Ocean Dead Zones are enlarging - now we are seeing them across the Middle East our oceans are dying due to Chemical Pollution brought on by going to an All oil Economy.

The entire Gulf of Oman Is dead - that regions between Iran and Oman.

Second - As the sun enlarges we will see more and more volcanic eruptions. Yesterday the Main Hawaiian Volcano erupted.

Unfortunately Google pulled the video off the internet in part of their efforts to Censor the Net.

Its time we pray for your family and pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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