Friday, May 25, 2018

Massive Internet Censorship Begins In Europe


(1464) Massive Internet Changes Sweep Across Europe - YouTube

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These is a New Law that has just gone into effect all across the European Union - Which is owned by the US Corporation, which dissolved doing Bankruptcy 9 March 1933 and is run by the IMF through the United Nations, which are both owned by the Rothchild’s Banking System.

A New Law called the “Updated” General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) took effect this morning.

What this bill tries to do is:

1) Fine companies for lying on the internet - focusing on companies like the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC, etc and will fine these companies up to $23.5 Million (Or 4% of their Gross Earnings) for each and every violation of this regulation.

2) Demands companies delete personal information without a person’s prior written consent.

3) Allow the coordination of all Law Enforcement Agencies across the Euro Nations to enforce these New Regulations.

4) Allow Internet Users the right to sue internet content providers like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram for either editing or eliminating their posts.

So - for example - when we post a comment of video on Facebook and Twitter and they pull it (Shadow Ban) they may be sued and for our loss and fined up to $23.5 Million per violation.

Both Facebook and Google face massive amounts of Lawsuits concerning their violations of these laws.

If these internet Content provides fail to comply their fines will run into the Billions of Dollars and likely make all Google Companies unprofitable - which would crash their stock values.

To ad insult to injury the Director the of the Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Trump 2030 Chairman Brad Pascale have written the CEO’s of both Facebook and Google asking hem not to Censor Conservative Voices.

Apparently President Trump tried to censor Twitter Users and a Federal Judge ruled that since Twitter is a Public Forum this is illegal and Public Forums include Google, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

So throwing people off as subscribers and reducing hits is now illegal.

Further - this means that when Google and Daily Motion made our videos X-Rated for telling the news they stepped over the line.


We shall see how the EU and the US Courts implement these new laws but considering Italian Bonds and US Bonds are about to enter the Junk Bond Status the EU and US Directors may find that these blatant violations of Free Speech will pad their pockets with enough revenue to keep this FIAT system going for another year or two.


There is now low humming and loud explosions being heard across this nation.

There are 2 things going on causing these noises:

1) Large tunneling machines using Nuclear Power Packs are boring holes in solid rock about 14 feet in diameter for the construction of underground roads and rail systems.

2) The large explosions are the sounds of smaller Nuclear Weapons being detonated to create large caverns for our underground complexes.

The bombs use tiny amounts of Uranium or Plutonium surrounded by an accelerant like Lithium 6 so when these caves are created there is almost no radioactive residue and the areas may be inhabited within weeks after the detonation.

As for the Older Bases built - after 60 years the caverns begin to disintegrate - leaving a Large Sink Hole above and they eventually collapse. This is why all the sink holes are perfectly round.

Cut off the funding to the US Navy and Super Duper Top Secret Space Program run by Lockheed Martin out of Bethesda Maryland and the explosions will cease almost immediately.

Please pray they loose their funding and stop sucking $8 Trillion a year out of our world economies.


As Europe and Asia enter the 21st Century the United States seems to be Imploding in every way - Spiritually, Financially, Ecologically and  Socially.

As Government spending increases at an never ending rate across the nation we look to the White House to do something, anything to stop this Run Away Government Theft of out resources.

Unfortunately - they are unable to even arrest a the Frazzled Rat for Torture and Murder even after a video showing her doing this was posted across the world.

Our President and his staff have apparently Pushed the Self Destruct Button as they refuse to Follow the Constitution and arrest those in high places now committing Treason against this once great nation.

Further - those Nukes that were to be fired from the Submarines to start a Massive Nuclear Conflict by Israel were made here in the USA and no one has even been called to the carpet for not deactivating these weapons through our Satellite Systems.

So as our former FBI and CIA Directors testify and speak in the news please realize these are the individuals who have been trying to start this Nuclear Conflict for years and they have not been arrested and will continue to try until they are.

You would think that after someone tried to kill President Trump 17 May and start a Nuclear conflict yesterday that the President would be willing to take action to save his own neck - right?

Nope - they are all still free and will again try to whack him soon and the CIA/Secret Service conduct yet another Fake School Shooting within 3 weeks.

Please pray that the President begins arresting these Murderers immediately.


President Trump cancelled the meeting with the leaders of North Korea 12 June until the Israeli attemppt at starting a Nuclear War was sorted out.

So expect this meeting to go through as planned as the actions he took were a distraction to stop this insanity.

Again - his conversations regarding this instance were stellar.


Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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