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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Judge Orders Lefty Loony Mueller Back To Court


(1157) Judge Orders Mueller Back to Court To Face The "Russians" - YouTube

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Apparently late Friday Afternoon   Federal Judge has just denied Robert Mueller’s Special Council request for additional time to gather information against the Fake Russian Collusion Story and ordered his team back into court Wednesday Morning.

Further - this case against Manafort will be dropped if this Special Council does not present enough evidence to show he is guilty of something pretty severe.

This judge has given the Special Council exactly 14 days to come up with any evidence on the Russian Collusion or the case will be thrown out of court with Prejudice.

Further - Attorney Rudy Juliani has openly stated that the Special Council has no legal grounds to Supoena the President - a privilege claimed by former President Clinton and his wife when htey openly committed Treason.

In the mean time - over 15,000 bikers are headed to DC as you read this to put an end to this insane Special Council.

This will not be like the latest DC March of around 50,000 Paid Snowflakes protesting the Bill of Rights. They committed Treason and the worthless DC Police did absolutely nothing.

These are some pretty hard core bikers who might just make life for the NAZI Robert Mueller very miserable.

Exactly what they are going to do is yet unknown but we can pray that Robert Mueller’s Life becomes a living He.. Immediately.


1) China has been stretching it’s military might in the South Chinese. There are 3 things China is demanding access to in this area:

1) Gold on Yangsha Island - what Google Earth calls Scarburough Shoal. This island is a large tourist attraction and literally has a Mountain of Gold on the island the US is now demanding.

2) Huge deposits of Low Grade Oil now lay off the coast of Vietnam and the Philippines and China need access to this cheap oil and is now building Islands near there coast claiming access to these Oil Fields.

3) Large deposits of Rare Earth metals are found n the Ocean Sea Floor in this South Chinese Sea and special bases and special submarines are needed to harvest these minerals.

Further - as the 7th fleet entered the area the US Aircraft Carrier Roosevelt launched an electronic jamming jet and it got jammed by the Chinese. Duh - it’s electronics were made in China.

So when China threatened to blow up an Oil Well just a few miles off of the coast of Vietnam there was no one there to challenge them - so the Oil Well up and left.

Pray that such a disaster immediately overcomes the leadership of China that they stop threatening anyone.


1) China is now claiming it will soon have all electric cars by the end of 2020.

2)  A Lefty Loony Judge in France that sex with an 11 year old girl is legal.

3) In Finland a Loony Judge ruled that  sex with a 10 year old was legal.

4) President Trump is no longer going to pay Iran $500 Billion Dollars every 6 months as the Iran Deal was never signed by wither party. It’s all a scam by the Lefty Loony Media.

5) Colorado’s economy is doing so well that Eviction Courts cannot keep up with the case load of over 45,000 for the state.

Just Denver alone had over 8,000 eviction cases. While over 90% of the landlords had legal council only 1% if those being evict had any legal representation.

So in the areas with large companies sucking off the Tax Payer there are huge price increases in housing and large numbers of evictions.

Pray this Tax Payer Funding of companies like Boeing and Amazon ceases immediately.


The US Army is now producing a New HUMV called the Bat Mobile - which is currently being used to patrol the US Mexican Boarder.

It is armored, fast, maneuverable and packs a very good punch and has an excellent radio for calling for backup.
Its time we pray for your family and pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


US Federal Judge Orders Mueller Back To Court To Face Russians—While Thousands Of American Bikers Head To Washington To Shut Down His “Sham” Investigation

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