Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Elites Now Taxing Businesses Out Of Business


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Large cities, from New York, to Seattle, are now increasing taxes at such a rate as to literally kill any small business. These Liberal Loony Toons who change votes to get in office have gone nuts.

In many states it is illegal for a city or county to raise taxes without a vote - but they are and the governors do nothing because the White House does nothing.

My wife and her family put up with these Government Tax thieves for years.

In New York it is so bad that between the mandatory minimum wage and rising food prices  the restaurants want to charge their own taxes to their customers called a “City Surcharge.”

When the minimum wage hits $15/Hour in 2019 we can expect a whole lot of restaurant closures just like here in the South Puget Sound in Washington.

Safeway has warned Seattle that they may leave very soon. Apparently the city has just levied a new illegal tax (Not Voted On) that would charge it‘s largest 585 companies (Discriminatory Tax) a surcharge of $500 per year per employee.

Between the Regulations, the constant harassment from government inspectors and the shoplifting where no one ever goes to jail - they may have had enough.

Safeway may just pull out of Seattle - leaving large areas without grocery stores.

This happened In Tacoma (South of Seattle 30 miles) years ago and the only grocery stores able to survive are those funded by the Small Business Administration owned by Foreigners - they do not have to follow the same rules as Safeway.

As for the other large businesses in Seattle companies like Amazon - who are fully funded through Federal Grants - will do very well and others that are now funded by OUR TAXES will simply close shop and move away.

What we are seeing is the mass exodus from US Cities by anyone not sucking off OUR TAX DOLLARS.

For example - more that 1 million people have moved out of New York City since 2010 and this trend is accelerating in these Blue Blooded Lefty Loony Cities all across the country.

These trends are now being seen in Canada as well.

What we are also about to see is that many of the 5 year Adjustable Rate Mortgages both here and Canada are coming due - only the interest rates are much higher than they were today than 5 years ago.

Go to Zillow - We have never seen so many homes now in default just here in America. Wait until these folks try to refinance their mortgages and find out their payments will be much higher.

This year in America about 10% of the home loans come due, and in Canada it is about 35% - and most of these loans are “Subprime.”

I was a lender - what “Subprime” means is we sell a home to a minority - Sometimes an Illegal Alien - ignoring his Credit and Income.

A 2% ARM (APR)  at 200,000 runs around $740/mo + taxes but today you must refinance with a 4% ARM APR at per $954/mo and then there is the Jumbo Payment Due if they want to refinance.

Even of you get a 3% AMR the interest rates are now rising so as they rise so do your payments.

If you sell when your ARM comes due - and skip the Jumbo Payment due at the end of the ARM -  and then try to get a standard rate of  - say - 6% your mortgage goes up to $1,200/mo + Taxes.

Just as an example - our taxes run around $350/Mo here in Tacoma on a $300,000 home so add that to the equation.

So more than likely most of those Subprime Borrowers (Bad Credit, Low Income) those going from an overall monthly payment of $1,090 (Inc Taxes) to $1,550 per month will - in this economy - go bust.

What we are looking at is a massive Mortgage Default Rate both here and in Canada beginning right now.

Keep in mind that QE-1 could have paid every home mortgage of in North America and all of Europe - but instead went to the banks and 90% of that went to the CEO’s back pockets.

If the Federal Government (US Corporation) sold a few of it’s stocks and bonds it could not only pay off the debt but also pay off every mortgage in North America and Europe - but the President has not give the orders to do this.

So as the US Corporation continues to buy massive amounts of stocks and bonds to keep the market up WHILE the housing market is now falling flat on it’s face - something “Donald Trump” said would be an economic disaster for this nation many times over the last 30 years.

So this entire Economic Collapse is set up and orchestrated by the Federal Reserve System.

Pray that those orchestrating this are neutralized immediately and for life.



1) 5G is here.

We just learned that the 5G network is already hooked up to your internet provider - like Comcast. When these signals hit a Cell Tower they literally broadcast and cook your brain at very high frequencies. More on this later.

2) Weed killer has been found in almost every food you now eat.

Internal FDA Documents reveal that the FDA has trouble finding any foods without pesticides.

The most common one is Glycosphate - a known cancer causing agent.

Monsanto’s Demon Possessed Executives - you know, the ones who openly hate Humans,  have won - for now.

3) Nano-particles now being used across this country in many medical treatments are now killing Brain Cells.

According to researchers at the Universities of Dublin and Bristol in Ireland these nano-particles tend to accumulate in the brain and kill it.

In third world nations rather than using Infra Red Lights to kill the bugs in their water the UN has installed Water Purification Plants using Copper to kill the bacteria. This excess use of Nano-Copper is leading to an increase in Neurological Diseases like Alzheimers.

Here in America the US Forces the use of Nano-Fluoride and Chlorine that is causing extreme rates o Bipolarity (Up 300x In Areas with Fluoridation) and other Neurological Diseases.

4) Nurses in Emergency Rooms across the nation are getting exposed to some of the nastiest diseases we have ever seen p- and hten passing them on to other patients in these Emericgency Rooms.

Here in Puyallup one nurse was feeling sick and came up positive for the US Army Patented Disease Hepatitis C, infecting what the hospital admits may be over 2,600 other people.

If you get this patented disease please follow the procedures we have outlined in the You tube video THE CURE FOR LYMES DISEASE.”

5) The World Mercury Report has just finished a study showing that Autism is higher in communities that have high vaccination rates and the current rate in Canada is 1 out of every 66 children are now Autistic.

Every case of Autism can we have investigated has led directly to a “Mandatory Vaccination” either in the child or in their parents.

Now you know why we sponsor Get The Tea, Ancient Life Oil, Immusist and Citricare?


Researchers have just created a fish that looks like other fish, can be programmed to go into the middle of the group of fish “For Research“ - and then explode.

Dead fish float to the surface and you get a nice harvest.

And OUR TAX DOLLAS paid for the development of these “Robot Fish.”

Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and that he begins to listen to GOD.




YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.

Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

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Stunning finding reveals autism is highest in areas with the highest vaccination rates – NaturalNews.com

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