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Monday, May 21, 2018

How Far We Have Fallen As A Nation



(1395) How Far We Have Fallen America - YouTube

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In 1636 the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, in the name of GOD, created the College of Harvard in honor of Minister John Harvard, who donated his library to the College upon his death.

Today Harvard has 12 degree-granting colleges along with the 13th being the Rattcliffe Institute For Advanced Studies.

Today it was announced that the Murderer Hillary Clinton was going to be given the Rat-Cliffe Award for: “Transformative Impact On Society.”

So rather than being arrested for the torture and murder of a little 8 year old girl as she openly showed on a video - she is being awarded a medal using OUR Taxes - you - Harvard is mostly supported by Federal Dollars.

So you and I are paying for her to be flown to Harvard and for her ceremony and her stay at a very expensive hotel so she can receive this metal.

So why is she not I jail?

According to Colonel Field McConnel she and Mitt Romney’s Wife transport Refugee children  from Florida to an NSA facility just north of the Idaho Boarder where they create Child Porn and Child Snuff films.

The children who survive these brutalities are usually brutally hacked and have their sex changed and they go into Hollywood.

So if she is arrested for Murder she will spill the beans.

Same thing with Harvey Weinstein. If he goes to trial for molestation it must be exposed if the victim is a Man of Woman and this would expose everything.

Today we watched THE VIEW and 5 of the 6 women on the show had Adam’s Apples - they were men.

Look at even Martha Stewart - as a young woman she was revealed to be a man.

Our favorite Superman  Christopher Reeves who claimed ot be gay (Big Whoop)  kissed Lois Lane - and she was actually a man.
Yup Superman’s Girlfriend was actually a real Boy Friend.

So you see - to arrest Hillary, Harvey Weinstein, etc would expose this whole industry supported by the elites of murdering, mutilating and manipulating an entire generation of our children.

So now we get to a Spy named  Stefan Halper - a man who has been spying on people for over 45 years and recently received, in addition to hos [pay from the Senior Executive Services, a whopping $1 Million Dollars form the last president to spy on President Trump even after he was in office.

We used to call this Treason.

Bring Stefan Halper to trial and he will also spill the beans.

If the President does what GOD asks him to do he will not have to worry about the consequences so pray he gets the message.

Rather than doing it GOD’s way today President Trump had the New Director of the CIA, FBI and Rob Rosenstein (#2 Justice Dept) over at 3PM for tea to discuss what comes next.

Like we said earlier Gina Haspel (CIA Director)  and Christopher Wray (FBI Director) - my security clearance is higher than yours.

Again - please pray that President Trump does as GOD has directed him to do.


1) Another TESLA Car Driver was killed today when a man drove his car into a pond.

2) Heading onto the next election there are apparently 3 1/2 million more voters that there are adults in key counties across the nation.

If President Trump does as GOD asks they will be eliminated, Otherwise - it will go very badly for him. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.

3) There are apparently Deep Flaws in the Facial Recognition Programs world wide. In a recent test in Wales, England there were an amazing number of False Positives for countless people.

4) Finally - everyone in the US And Canada had their cell phone location Data exposed.

Yup - a company called “LOCATION SMART” sells your location to the highest bidder.

The service can find your location 24/7 whether your cell phone are on or off. The only way to block them is to take out their batteries.

Apparently the locations of over 200 million subscribers have now been released to anyone due to a “Flaw” in the program. Exactly how far back this data goes is very unclear.

Remember folks - Computers never make mistakes, mistakes, mistakes……..


In a new update received this morning - the Puget Sound is dead. Shell fishing of any kind is hereby banned for the next three years - even by the local Tribes.

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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