Sunday, May 13, 2018

Prepare For Huge Tax Increases Very Soon - Huge


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You thought taxes were high now - prepare for a huge increase nation wide.

For years large Pension Funds have been overseen by some type of Federally Mandated Insurance Company that was supposed to conduct “Oversight” into their activities.

In 2014 the US Treasury changed and the New Federal Insurance Office under the Dodd-Frank Act took over as an Oversight Organization.

Now most of these “Insured Pension Funds” are running out of money because the US Treasury allowed 2 things to illegally take place under the last president:

1) The Pension Funds are still illegally giving huge sums of cash to the Democratic Socialist (NAZI) party.

2) Much of the Fund Dollars have been rerouted into the state General Funds - where they currently sit in large banks doing nothing.

California alone, according to their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - has around $500 Billion sitting in banks across the nation.

So now the Federal Reserve System - a Foreign Owned Corporation - is proposing an additional 1% tax on all American Residential Homes in Illinois, followed by one across the nation.

So if you own a home worth $300,000, for example,  you will pay an additional $3,000 a year on taxes.


Senior Citizen and Low Income Discounts will not apply.

So rather than obeying existing laws - this Foreign Corporation is planning to raise taxes illegally.

If this is allowed to stand the overall goal here  is to raise this to 3% of your home to stabilize their income as the dollar falls in value.

What this means is that taxes will sky rocket. The taxes, for example on a $300,000 home will go up an additional $9,000 per year as the dollar falls - leaving a home owner with an average of around $1,800 in taxes per month.

In a more personal example if you are living on say $1,200 a month on Social Security in a $150,000 home your taxes paid under the Senior Low Income housing is around $25 a month. Now the Federal Reserve System Corporation plans to raise that to over $475 per month over the next year.

In our case we already pay around $500 a month in taxes and it will raise our tax load to around $1,300 per month.

Just think of what it will do to renters rates just so a few people living on Treasury Insured Pensions can keep up their standard of living.

The slow squeeze just go a whole lot faster, didn’t it?

Why Doesn’t the US Treasury or the US Corporation sell some of it’s $ Trillions in Stocks and Bonds to fund this?

Please pray that the US Treasury does it’s job an seizes these Pension Funds and returns the stolen cash to these funds immediately.


1) Deutsche Bank - the German Bank that holds all other European Banks together - is coming unwound thanks to the actions of the last President in dumping $ trillions of worthless Hedge Funds into their portfolio.

Further - by not following GOD Deutsche and it’s CEO’s have chosen Suicide over financial success.

If they come unglued financially, so too will most European Banks.

Since the “U.S. Corporation” owns the “Euro-Nations Corporation” and is pegged to the Euro - the Euro Unwinds, the Dollar unwinds.

According to an Intel Brief I had a few weeks ago - the Euro will tumble and then 2 weeks later the dollar will tumble. This is supposed to occur in the winter for a “Maximum Kill” but President Trump is trying to force the Financial Reset to occur in the Summer.

With NO gold to back the dollar it will fall hard.

2) Major Bank Structural Changes are now taking place at the highest levels.

There have been multiple Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings made by the US Agencies that will result in the shut down of many banks that operate within the Rothchild’s Realm.

Exactly which banks will close, and when, we do not know but they are scheduled to begin shortly.

Pray that the disruption will be small and your family is taken care of.
3) As a final note - no one wants to purchase Poisonous US GMO crops.

For years the US produced huge amounts of food and literally “Fed The World.”

With the advent of GMO foods and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals destroying the southern California Agriculture Crops by cutting off their water supply - US Crop Production has been falling drastically.

What this means is that we are about to get very high prices across the board as our dollar now begins to fall in value and food price3s increase.

Please pray that our families learn to make more money ASAP

Thank ou Trade Genius.

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

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