Thursday, May 3, 2018

Radioactive Dirt Now Used To Pave Roads


(1107) Radioactive Dirt Now Used To Build Roads - YouTube


Japan, and I am told the US near Hanford Nuclear Reservation, is now using radioactive dirt to build roads.

Rather than drawing Lightning bolts or electrifying the soil with ultrahigh frequencies the Nation of Japan - and here in Washington State - they are mixing the contaminated dirt with Tar and paving roads with it.

No contamination of the crews or drivers there - right?

Further - the Half Life of these radioactive materials are hundreds of thousands of years.


If you drive trucks for a living, or live near these roads, you will not be effected by the highly Radioactive Dust coming off these roads, right?

I haver also been told htat these Radioactive Wastes have been used to build roads wherever the military Processes Uranium and Plutonium.

One of my specialties in the military was the use, and decontamination, of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons and what we said was only the Tip of the Ice Berg.

Pray that those responsible for these actions or Treason are neutralized immediately and for life.


1) Your house is filled with toxic chemicals and it gets into everything - including the Dust.

2) The New Killer 5G is here.

3) The Orange Snow (Middle East Sand) recently blew into the entire Eastern Europe Area ad with  it came Lead and Uranium 238 Dust.

4) Over 126 US bases claim their ewater is contaminated enough to cause cancer and Birth Defects.

They are literally trying to hide Vaccine Damage - but the water is contaminated.

5) Chemtrails are not only destroying the Ozone layer but they are laced with newly developed Molds, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

6) Raw Sewage is now being mixed into Municipal Drinking Water in man places in California.

7) More that 1 Million Children under the age of 6 in the US are now being given Psychiatric Drugs to  fry their tiny little brains - that is 1 in 6 children.

8) Many babies being born today need to be given Pro-Biotics because the drugs given out in America today destroy a mother’s gut bacteria.

They literally need to be - as the Head oif John Hopkins University Medical School said in a UN Conference  - Re-pooperated.

9) A new court hearing clearly showed that the Gardisal Vaccine kills.

10) We are killing the Oceans and as a result of this they are now dying at an alarming rate.

I personally watched barge load after barge load of Toxic Chemicals being dumped into the ocean - pushed off the barge with a Tractor  -  just ¼ mile off  shore by the Tacoma Yacht Club about 14 years ago and not one state office cared, nor did the US Coast Guard.

Apparently the US Coast Guard under the last 3 President were under orders not to fine Industrial Polluters but to inspect theToilets in Private Boats - not kidding.

So when a Local Saw Mill dumped million of gallons of Latex Paint into our bay here in Tacoma (Commencement Bay) about 15 years ago the US Coast Guard did nothing despite calls from hundreds of angry Boat Owners - who had to go out and scrub the paint off their boats.

Ronnie - it’s no longer about changing things but about taking care of our family.



Its time we pray for your family and pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.
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YOU have a voice

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Dr William B. Mount


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