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Friday, May 11, 2018

Huge Spy Ring Unwinds In Ameirca


(1235) Huge Spy Ring Unfolds Across America - YouTube

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Over the last few years China has crippled the CIA in China by executing 20 CIA Spies - at least that is what they are admitting.

Inside sources clearly state that the Entire CIA Spy ring was completely dismantled in the country and hundreds of Spies simply - Vanished.

This whole affair began when China began sending the Clintons Hundreds of Millions of US Dollars to help them politically in 1995 in violation of US and Chinese Election Laws and in return President Clinton  compromised our entire intelligence community - something known as “China Gate”

Over the last 12 years it did not help that every step of the way not only did the CIA not listen to what GOD said over and over again - they often times did exactly the opposite.

It’s almost like - they purposely tried to commit suicide - and they have.

Not only are there foreign agents being killed now in mass their entire Data Base has been fully compromised.

What makes matters worse is the FBI is responsible for stopping Domestic Spying and all they did was fund it.

So now - across the nation - we have Chinese Spy Rings operating and stealing trade secrets and teaching kids on college campuses the “Wonders” of Communism & Socialism.

There are some great agents that are patriots in these agencies doing a great job for America, it is too bad their leadership wants them dead - why else would they let their entire Data Base be compromised.

Did we not warn them of how they were going to break into the main US Data base, when they were going to do it, who was involved, weeks before it happened?

Apparently these Intelligence Leaders never learned the phrase:

John Wayne once said: Life is hard, it’s harder if you’re stupid.

Please pray that the 78 US Intelligence Agencies are cleaned of Stupid, un-patriotic people.

Please also pray that when we give a warning about something before it happens - like the 3/11 Fukushima Disaster or a volcano getting worse - like in Hawaii - they listen and act to save lives.


1) America’s Newest Nuclear Powered Air Craft Carrier Suffers Breakdown At Sea, just like we said it would last week.

Yup - Just like we told the Intel Geeks right here on You Tube our latest carrier is broken - a swollen propellar shaft caused by an Air Bubble blew out it’s bearings.

In other words - a 90,000 ton US Naval Ship is crippled because the did not listen to  what GOD told them.

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

2) The volcanoe on Hawaii is getting much worse, just like GOD said it would get here a few days ago.

Finally- finally they are evacuating most of the Island.

I guess the state of Hawaii needed a written invitation before they got their act together, right?

3) Starbucks has now become America’s largest public restroom. Thanks to a new policy the restrooms are now open to the anyone.

4) Stormy Daniels - A Fading Porn Star with no real parts - hired an attorney named Michael Avenatti.

This Slimy “Attorney” paid the FBI to acquire President Trump’s and Michael Cohen’s financial records and tried to present them in court to harass the President.

Now President Trump is fighting back as this “Attorney” may soon face sever legal troubles by declaring himself an attorney illegally and committing Treason after loosing his case in court.

Apparently this little stunt has gotten Stormy Daniels, and her Fake Attorney, into some real trouble.

5) Twitter now cranks up it’s Censorship of the news and the FCC and President Trump do nothing to stop this monopoly from controlling the news.

Pray President Trump grows stones below the belt and stops the censorship of the truth.

6) The reunification talks between North and South Korea will take place in Singapore 12 June.

Please pray for success there and for President Trump’s Safety and that those employed by the Chinese Intelligence Agency to clog the sewers and harass the President during this trip are “Pooped On” before they can clog the sewers of the hotels in central Singapore on 11 June using construction equipment.



1) Coast Guard Cutter “James” just unloaded 6 tons of Raw Cocaine seized over the last few weeks just outside of Florida.

2) Since taking office President Trump has brought home 14 Americans detained abroad.

So please pray for President Trump’s Safety.


The continued eruption of the Hawaiian Island Volcano is happening new across the globe.

Either we unite as a planet immediately or there may not be a planet in the near future.

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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