Wednesday, May 9, 2018

US Deep State Now Unwinding


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The entire Deep State here in the US appears to be unwinding.

A few weeks ago we read about the arrest of a man named Keith Raniere.

Keith was a friend of the Clintons when Bill was the Governor of Arkansas guarding the Mina Air Force Base - the primary import spot of Cocaine for the US Air Force.

Keith was sent down to live in Mexico by the Clintons. From there he set up a Sex Slave Ring and used his money to Black Mail people across the world and then funnel that money from Mexico into the Clinton Foundation.

Kieth was arrested here in the US and went to a “Special Prison” and has turned over the list of all of his Sex Slaves, those who used his services, and his Financial Records - everything - to President Trump’s Personal Intelligence Agency.

So when the Deep State - through Montana Senator Jon Tester - tried to get rid of President Trump’s personal doctor and replace him with the NXIVM Sex Cult Member - a sexual Pervert put on the Watch List while serving in the Military - Honey Pot Jennifer Pena - it was instantly recognized by the President’s Intelligence Staff and was promptly dealt with.

Now - when Sex Cult NXIVM actress Allison Mack raised her  head against President Trump she was promptly arrested.

Keep in mind that this NXVIM is headquartered in the Capitol of New York State - Albany - and incorporates most of the leading politicians in this state - like the retired new York Attorney’s Eric Schneiderman.

Eric Schniederman then popped his head up against the President and promptly had 4 separate women accuse him of all sorts of Lude behavior - like keeping his own Personal Sex Slaves.

Keep in mind that this former AG of New York is - was - good friends of the Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The plot now thickens as these individuals - Keith Raniere, Eric Schneiderman and Senator John Tester would rather sing than go to jail - and singing they are.

Everything - every sexual encounter - every perverted thing - who they blackmailed money out of - it is now being gathered by the President’s Own Intelligence Agency - to include the NSA and their master computers.

Keep in mind that these people kept every financial record, copies of every sexual encounter and every private meeting - all recorded and stored as an “Insurance Card” to keep them out of jail.

Now the President’s Staff has all of it - on every single pervert in Congress.

Expect allot of resignations in both parties immediately.

So please pray for President Trump’s Safety.


1) Deutsche Bank has lost money every month since they ignored what we presented to them.

Every month.

Go figure - maybe GOD does not lie after all - right?

2) There is a very small and quiet submarine sitting in the Puget Sound. It is apparently the size of our early 1914 Nautilus Submarine and carries 15 men tops with 2 Missile Tubes.

It uses a new type of Nuclear Pack for power, a special engine design that magnetically attracts water to the rear of the boat, and can sit at 1,000 feet for up to 3 months using only 4 crew members and re-breather technology. It just traveled around FOX Island and you could not detect it.

3) The Crab Die Off in the Puget Sound is officially caused by “Gasses” being released from the “Tectonic Plates.”

What is really happening is two things:

…..a) The toxic levels of chemicals have reached the threshold life can no longer tolerate.

…..b) The Department of Defense will now begin to dump Radioactive Waste throughout the south sound.

Further - the Arctic - just off of Anchorage and near our bases both in the North Pole and South Pole - will now become dumping grounds for toxic waste to kill the Krill, and this will then kill whatever oceans we have left on this planet.

The US Department of Energy Corporation (Subsidiary of the US Department of Defense Corporation) is already dumping Used Nuclear Rods in shallow water in these areas to create massive kill zones in what remains as the last real live areas of the oceans.

As a confirmation of this we will see Oil Tankers and ships carrying Toxic Waste meant to pump back into Oil Wells dumping their loads in the Alaskan Waters in the next 5 - 6 months - just like they have been doing off the coast of North Western Washington.

Some of these may be declared as “Accidents” - just like the train of Toxic Waste from New York that now sites leaking in Arkansas to pollute their Ground Water.

4) As for the Fluoride Contamination now existing in over 126 Military Bases - that was intentionally done by dumping these chemicals across the posts and especially by using a Fluoridated Foam for fire fighting.

5) Just like the US Treasury Bonds sold through Puerto Rico went into default, just like the Russian Bond I hold Russia refuses to cash, and just like a dozens other nations, we will see Japan refuse to honor some of it’s Sovereign Bonds within the next few months as the Yakuzu loose control of the Yen. It can be avoided…


The continued eruption of the Hawaiian Island Volcano is happening new across the globe.

Either we unite as a planet immediately or there may not be a planet in the near future.

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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