Friday, June 1, 2018

Deep State In Panic Mode


(1611) Deep State In Panic Mode - YouTube


Everything the Deep State is doing seems to be backfiring.

GOD is pulling the plug on their little world.

From trying to start a Huge Nuclear Conflict to blocking the North Korean Peace Process - they are failing just as GOD said they would.

Their GOD - Moleck or Lucifer - is a Pinhead and being contained as we speak.

As for the meeting between Kim Jong Un of North Korea and President Trump we warned the President of the dangers in Singapore so the meeting was moved to Vladivostok - where Rothchilds Submarines will be blocked and the gutters will be checked 3 blocks North and East of the meeting place 3 days before the meeting for Rogue Large Nuclear Weapons.

Further - Air Force One will be accompanied by 3 Fighters and will take a rout not going over much ocean - a “Surprise Route” to avoid missiles suddenly appearing out of the Ocean from “Unknown Rothchild’s CIA Submarines”  bearing the US Flag and based at a Super Duper Top Secret US Navy base in Ketchikan Alaska tied to the Super Duper Top Secret Space Program run by Lockheed Martin out of Bethesda Maryland.

Somebody in the US Space Program has Grand Children and has an IQ above room temperature and wants peace.

So expect the Super Duper Evil Main Stream Media - which is loosing viewers by the Millions - to work with SERCO and try to stir up all sorts of trouble over  the next few weeks.

After that it may be open season on Loony Lefty’s and Limousine Liberal Elites who run the Deep State.

GOD will now turn up the heat on these Limousine Liberals and on President Trump to arrest and contain these Freaks and Deep State Elites. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

Further - GOD will now turn your Human and Animal Sacrifices against you - you Lucifarian Liberal Nut Cases, so HE has said it - so it shall be.


1) The US Debt Clock confirmed that over the last 30 days another 904,000 Full Time Jobs were added in America.

2) The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics stated another 223,000 Full time Jobs were added last month - but their data is not even compiled yet.

SERCO Sent out the story through their Program Deamon.

3) In yet another Deep State SERCO NAZI report it was reported that 95.6 Million Americans were not in the labor force - the highest number ever.

4)  To Top things off with Humor - California Congressman Nancy Pelosi openly stated that more full Time Jobs are bad for Americans.

Apparently adding almost 1 Million Full Time Jobs in America last month spells the Doom for America in her Twisted, National Socialistic (NAZI) mind.

Go figure.


1) In a move that makes the National Education Center very happy - more than 8 million America Kids are now taking some sort of Prescribed Mind Altering Drug.

Further - another 12 Million use Illegal Drugs and alcohol daily.

So somewhere around 20 Million Children - or around 3/10 children in America - are “High” all the time.

As for us Adults over 60 - who are supposed to lead by example - Jane and I cannot think of anyone except ourselves who are not using Mind Altering Drugs like a Statin or Prozac.

We in America are the most Drugged Out generation and nation in history and there is no excuse.

2)  President Assad of Syria has once again demanded the US Troops leave his nation immediately but no one listened.

3) Denmark has outlawed Burkas. Finally somebody has some common sense.


Mount Kilauea in Hawaii is getting worse.

Unfortunately the Idiot Lefty Loony Governor Igeee has ordered Mandatory Evacuation.


Zeig Heil you Lefty Loony Freak.

 Why were you not ready when
you were personally warned about this last month you freaky Liberal?

It’s gonna get worse Governor “Igeeee.”

What is even worse is that the Lefty Loony Governor has ordered those protecting their homes from looters to be arrested.

Don’t arrest the Looters - arrest the Homeowners protecting hteir homes.

Typical Lefty Loony National Socialist (NAZI) thinking. Destroy, destroy, destroy. No different that Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Pray that President Trump gets the guts to arrest this Loony Lefty Governor for Murder and Treason just as soon as Humanly Possible.


Pray with us that America - Including President Trump and Jeff Sessions - Wakes Up and prepares for what is coming.
Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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