Sunday, June 10, 2018


(1838) It's Judgement Day For The Swamp Creatures - YouTube


Judgement Day has begins for the Lefty Loony Swamp Creatures.

In a very quirt fashion President Trump has ordered that the US Department of Justice quietly begin arresting all those individuals who participated in leaking private information form the halls of the White House - including Journalists that participated in thee leaks.

The first casualty is apparently the Former Director of Security for the Senate Intelligence Committee Jim Wolfe. Apparently this Loony Lefty leaked all sorts of Private Conversations to his Girl Friend Ali Watkins, reporter for the New York Times.

Each story that was allowed to be leaked was just a little bit different so these investigators - now led by Heather Nauert of the State Department - so the actual leaker could easily be identified and later arrested.

Apparently James Wolfe was stupid enough to call his Girl Friend from the White House (Run by the Dept of Defense Communications Department) and tell her what was said inside the walls of the White House.

This is only the Beginning as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords not only exposes these Lefty Loony Freaks but begins to take them down. So HE has said it - so it shall be.



1st) Realize who these G-7 Leaders really are:

Realize that the US, China and Russia represent around 60% of the world’s real Gross Domestic Product and if the US Government took it’s hands off American Productivity our GNP would soar.

So in this picture you are looking at allot of very upset weirdo’s Elites begging President trump not to stop paying their banks $ Trillions of US Dollars to keep them afloat.

Here is a Picture ofg Angela Merkel with Adolf Hitler and another one where she is in her State Zozhaleesm Uniform (NAZi vs. STAZI?).

Here we see Macron, the Illegally elected President of France at 15 kissing his 30 year old teacher - it’s called Child Molestation.

Here we see Justin Trudeau as his Eyre Brow falls off. He does nto appear to have an Adam’s Apple and may in fact be a Woman who has received a awful lot of testosterone.

So either way - the “Agressively Weird” leaders who are begging President Trump not to terminate the Marshal Plan are being exposed as being really strange.

 2) The DNC is now broke as Foreign Aid is being terminated to those nations that Illegally gave the Clinton Foundation money for her election - AND - as the Union Pension Funds are being taken over by the US Treasury Department because they are broke and donations to Political Parties are terminated.

3) The Elite Plan to bring in Muslims into the West to destabilize the economies and create revolutions is backfiring as nation after nation (Except Germany, France, England and Canada) are sending these Refugees back

Further - in a huge riot over the arrest of Tommy Robinson - who openly discusses the Muslim Violence - has been arrested in London for speaking the truth.

These riots may begin effecting the Political Leaders very quickly.

4) Here in America busloads of Illegal Immigrantsd are being sent to Prison to be Identified via Fingerprints and Iris Patterns, charged, and then sent back across the boarder just like is done in every other nation on the planet.


As Amazon receives $1.43 per package being delivered by the US Corporation and $600 million per years from the CIA - other carriers just can’t compete against this Government Subsidized delivery company.

UPS - in response - is going on strike on 1 August 2018.

Pray that President Trump stops giving Amazon any more money. Period.

2) Finally - Mount Kilauea in Hawaii has displaced hundreds of families as they flee their homes.

Volunteers from across  the island are now building temporary shelters at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Pahoa.

Volunteers from the local National Guard have gathered to build these 10 by 12 houses for those displaced.

Led by a man named Aguinaldo of Pacific Rim Construction and Leonard who owns TNT Electric they have spearheaded this project for their fellow Hawaiians.

Currently about 400 people were staying in shelters at the Pahoe Community Center and the local Armory.

Our hats off to you as you gather together to help your neighbors.

We pray that those who have lost their homes can fond a new place to live and work fo their families.

Perhaps General Ohara - Commander of the Hawaii National Guard - you may ask the War Room for a grant to built something over the next few years that would employ those displaced by this volcano - perhaps another Underground Living Space or update the docks at pearl Harbor?


Our Friend Patch Adams - a man I will always owe a special thanks you to - is off to Peru - is off to the Annual Belen Festival to liven up the town.

One of the most economically poor areas in the world -- Patch Arrives to try and spread some happiness and open the town up for Tourism.

If you are interested in going call them at the Gesundheit Institute.

Sounds like fun.

Be prepared to give


1) The left outer Chaff dispenser on Air Force 1 has something in it - just take it out.

2) Just take the 2 Davy Crocket Sized Nukes away from the latest US Contingency that flew into the Ukraine. They should be easily detectable with your radar.

You boys can’t be trusted with these toys anymore so we will have to take them away from you.

It’s time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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