Saturday, June 2, 2018

De-Dollarization Accelerates World Wide


(1630) De-Dollarization Accelerates worldwide - YouTube


As we sit comfortably in our Easy Chairs watching the TV being lulled into a sense of complacency the rest of the world is quickly moving away from using the Dollar for Debt Settlement as the Living GOD begins to tear the Elites apart.

Way back on 15 April 2000 the head of the Lucifarian Jesuits stated in an interview (we have shown often)  the move from the US to China for the New Financial System is now occurring as planned - but they did not expect this kind of disruption nor did they expect the election of President Donald Trump.

To date we now see:

1) China and Russia trading world wide in Yuans. The Russian Ruble was rejected because the Russian President refused to do one little thing GOD asked him to  do - to the detriment of all Russian People. As soon as they comply it will be added into the mix.

2) Europe is now paying for Iranian Oil and, soon to be Russian Oil and Natural Gas, in the Yuan using the new CIPS System and bypassing the SWIFT payment system.

3) The African Continent - now hosting 1.2 Billion People - is trying to switch the entire continent to One Currency -- the Yuan.

The Executive Director of the Macroeconomics Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa (MEFMI) stated that the switch to the Yuan will assist in the stabilization efforts of varicious areas of Africa.

4) Ignoring a warning we gave on TV to the CIA and FBI years ago - these agencies that were supposed to be protecting American interests overseas have been fully compromised.

The names, the addresses, the operating areas, the finger prints and iris Patterns of these agents world wide are available for sale by 12 different nations such as China and Iran.

Wherever they go and whatever they do - it is published in “Super Duper Top Secret Reports” every night and then sent out to these other nations in a matter of seconds.

These compromises could be changed rather quickly - but when your leaders sell you out there is not much that can be done except watch and pray.

So as we sit at home today on Sunday realize that the world of the Dollar is ever shrinking and prices in America will continue to soar until the President gets the guts to begin arresting those Committing Treason against America.


What we are now seeing are huge changes across the planet as people begin to rise up against the Elite Lucifairan Lefty Loony Toons now in power.

As populations across the planet continue to skyrocket and our Ecosystem continues to collapse and America continues to push Poisonous GMO foods across the  planet and Chemtrails across the skies to destroy farmlands we will see nation after nation turn to the Lefty Loony Parties of the  Nazhional Zozhaleest - NAZIs.

No where can it be seen more than on Americans Northern and Southern Boarders and as this planned change now is implemented their economies go into a Tail Spins.

Today President Trump is preparing for a Huge Change to National Socialism (NAZI) and a complete planned economic shutdown of much of the Mexican Economy to force perhaps as many as 20 Million More refugees to swarm into the United States.

Remember - the Elites Feel that the US must fall if Freedom is to be squashed.

Within a few weeks the National Socialist candidate Andres Obrador (ALMA) will be elected as the New President of Mexico and will implement his New World Ideals within our southern neighbors.

To this end President Trump is now trying to implement three things:

…..a) The completion of the Southern Wall to stop these refugees and the flow of Illegal Drugs into America.

…..b) Sending half of our Federal Prison Populations (All Illegal Aliens) back to their countries of origin.

…..c) Working with the Russians to protect their Allies in South American region against any conflicts this New Elite Lefty NAZI leader will start as the Mexican Peso once again collapses.

As the situation deteriorates in Mexico the Killings have skyrocketed to over 25,000 within the last year and over 100 Mexican Politicians being assassinated as well.

We know this is planned because we keep having people tell us where the Drug Lords live who are murdering people world wide and the FBI response is always “F” You, mind your own business.

Since Federal Agencies are foreign owned and controlled -- FBI French Owned, CIA owned by the Crown of England -- they follow orders from outside the US and as such we cannot expect them to act in America’s Best Interest, can we?

It is these World Wide Agencies that are responsible for not only protecting these Lucifarian Murdering Drug Lords but also running their drugs for them.

So maybe - maybe - President Trump has the guts to shut down the entire Federal government in September - but our guess is he will not.

President Trump has not even been able to stop the FBI/Secret Service form conducting Fake School Shootings so far.

Until President Trump gets the guts to take out these Federal Agencies and these Drug Lords just hunker down and enjoy the show.

It’s the world.

Be ready and pray.


Yup - you guessed it - President Barack Hussein Obama.


Since we had 4 different Obamas over the last 8 years - who really ran the White House?

Yup - his CIA Handlers.

The same ones now supporting the NAZI Candidate in Mexico (ALMA) - who is hand picked to support these Drug Lords.

Since the evidence is in - and President Trump has taken no action against these monsters - it is not likely he will in the near future.

So sit back and enjoy the ride.


1) 28 FBI Agents with knowledge of Clinton’s treasonous Activities are ready to testify.

Bill Priestap (Assistant Director FBI Counter Intelligence) and Michael Steinback (Former Head FBI National Security) are ready to come forward after the FBI - IG report is released.

Since we have now all seen the video showing both Huma Abadeen and the Frazzled Rat torturing and murdering an 8 year old girl and since they are both free today - do not expect any arrests in the Near Future.

President Trump may have been put in place to bring about the New World Dollar in November of 2018 into America, not to arrest those currently committing Open Torture, Murder and Treason.

2)  US Oil Output has actually topped 11 Million Barrels a day - making America a the largest producer of Oil world wide. At this rate the US will run out of Easily harvestable Oil (according to a Neighbor who used to work for Standard Oil) in about 200 years.

3) The newly elected President of Italy is Luigi Di Maio.

Since the Italian Prime Minister from 2008 through 2011 Silvio Berlusconi, who openly admitted to having sex with under aged women (Called Rape), has never been prosecuted for Rape - do not expect much change in Italy.

 Again - sit back and enjoy the ride as it all is exposed.

Take care of your families and continue to pray that those who worship the Pinhead Lucifer (Moleck) are Neutralized
immediately and for life.


We took our Harbor Freight Pressure Washer apart to find out why it broke after using it twice.

As you can see- it has no ground wire.

Something dealing with Electricity and water has no ground wire.

Think about it.

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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