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Reset Trigger Ready as Chnese Economy Collapses


(347) Reset Trigger Is Ready As Chinese Market Unwinds - YouTube


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First - In order for this Chinese Yuan take over of the World’s Economy it is set in stone the Chinese Economy has to be doing well.

For the last 50 years the Major Powers like Germany and the United States have purposely moved their manufacturing plants moved overseas - First to Japan, then to Mexico, and now to India an China.

Unfortunately - over the last few years as the World Wide Economy continues to shrink around the Globe so has the sales of goods worldwide from China and India.

All those little plastic toys we surround ourselves with - our Plastic Clothes - no one wants them anymore. So China has quietly been subsidizing many of these companies to make it look like they are still doing well - and they in turn are “Dumping” their products on nations around the world at costs below what they made them for.

A few days ago in China the markets began trading Equity for Debt - it’s called “Debt Equity Swaps”

What this means is that;

When a company fails it must pay off it’s Debt First- it’s bonds.

So - if a company can get rid of all of it’s bonds and convert them to Stocks (Equity Ownership) it has no debts. This means that Stock Holders are part owners in the company.

The CEO’s can take whatever they wish and close the doors of the companies, sell off it’s assets, and what is left goes to the Stock Holders.

So, for example - you hold $1,000 of Bonds in the XYZ company. They convert it to $2,000 in stocks, declare bankruptcy and you now get $10 for your stock shares.

So the CEO Elites make a fortune and the Stock Holders get screwed - really screwed.

So as the Elite Rothchild’s Banking System is calling in loans across the world to decrease liquidity (Cash) many of these companies world wide are about to fall apart.

To further exasperate the situation - with the Federal Reserve Dollar as loans are made money is created.

Under the Chicago Economic Model the Government just prints up dollars to create money. As the US Banks now allow the Monetization of the outstanding US Treasury Notes it amounts to the Government just creating huge amounts of cash - which will lead to Super Hyper Inflation.

For years the Federal Reserve System has been using the US Military to hold this Fiat System together - forcing nations to sImply accept this dollar.

There appears to be a Trigger being pulled to set off this New Economic System - the coming election of a Devout NAZI in Mexico named Andres Obrador - ALMA. He is heavily funded by the Deep State through the CIA and as he wins he plans to sentdmillions North into the United States as he believes immigration to the United States is the right of every Murderer and Drug Dealer across the planet and this New President intends very much ot foster this Immigration.

The Elites need a Crisis for this Economic Reset so do not expect a wall.




President Trump has recently stated, however, that he plans to obey both the US and International Laws and send Illegal Aliens back across the border just as fast as they come into the country.

So since the Democrats in the Senate obstructed the Boarder Wall they opted for Military Actions to seal our boarders - the Killing of perhaps Millions - a typical Democratic Tactic - American Civil War, WW1, 2, Vietnam, etc.

This Protection from the Mexican Migrations seems to be the “Trigger” the elites are going to try and use to RESET this Economic System. It’s all they have left.

Further - Nicaragua is near economic collapse and many citizens are trying to go north into America.

The problem here is clear - there appears to be a whole lot of oil in Central Nicaragua and a Revolution means Cheap Oil for the Oil Cartels - so - expect a horrible collapse there soon. So we shall see many, many of these folks heading North into the US soon as well.

So we shall see just how quickly tis Economic Reset comes - so be ready.


1) Time Magazine and the Main Stream Media lies again - as this Photo was completely made up.
2) The IRS has proposed that when you pay your “Voluntary” income taxes next year you do it on a Post Card Sized Tax Form.

3) Congressman Maxine Waters call on crowds to attack those who work in the White House. If this is not Open Treason then nothing is.

Please pray President Trump gets the guts to have her arrested immediately. This gal does not even live in her district - so she is in Congress illegally but the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is too wimpy to have her thrown out.

Please pray that Wimpy Paul Ryan as thrown out immediately as Speaker of the House.

4) There are so many men now declaring themselves women in the Sports Arena that real women are loosing to Tranny’s at every corner - and this is being pushed by the Lefty Loony’s

They are a Bizarre bunch of freak so pray that their leaders are Neutralized Immediately for life.

What is even more Bizarre is that the VA will change the sex off any Vet but refuses to pay for the Health Care for a Physically Disabled Vet.

That’s Bizarre - and disheartening considering who is the President.

So in 17 months of being President - Trump has not even tried to stop the VA from selling the Military Records of Active Duty Soldiers around the world, or force the VA to obey USC 38 and treat the Physically Disable Vets first.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction


I have been getting calls and texts about weird little srorms that are appearing across the nation.

Last night there was a very powerful lightning storm just South of Olympia, Washington where the lightning shot across the sky and was what appeared to be a tree top level - hitting roofs and tree tops.

Just be ready folks.

Last year America dropped over 48,000 bombs - or one every 12 Seconds - costing the American Tax Payer over $48 Billion Dollars.

Since we are leaving Syria as the 3 Star Gates are closed we need a New Live Fire Range - perhaps - Mexico?


It’s time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

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Dr William B. Mount


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