Sunday, June 3, 2018

IMF Reveals New World Dollar


(1643) IMF Reveals New World Dollar - YouTube


The International Monetary Fund has revealed the New World Dollar.

If you wish to know what is happening in the World Economy you need to go right to the top, right?

Go to the Bankers who are at the top of the Food Chain -- those who tell the Federal Reserve System and the Central banks what to do, right?

Remember when President Medvedev of Russia held up a New World Dollar at the G-8 Meeting way back in 2009?

Well - according to the IMF’s Latest Report we all began using gold and silver, then Fiat cash, then Credit Cards and we are now going to switch very quickly to Bitcouns spent over our Phones.

Yup - Bitcoins.

The world is quickly moving away from cash to a Complete Digital Currency run by the Elites.

As you may already know - Bitcoins were a Digital creation of the Super Duper Top Secret Space Program out of Alice Springs Australia and are completely controlled and run by a special office of Microsoft out of a base both Under China, At Alice Springs Australia, and one other location.

The director of the IMF sees three major technological developments that have led our world over the last 1,000 years.

1) The Printing Press - which led to the age of Knowledge.

2) Steam Engine - which led to the Industrial Revolution.

3) The Computer - leading to the Digital Revolution.

Man as a species will adapt, or be adapted to through Genetic Manipulation through Retroviruses, to this New Digital revolution.

Further - about 1/3 of all American Jobs will be lost to Computerization over the next 2 years - or about 50 Million Jobs - according to a Report published by the McKinsey Global Institute as the move towards Digitalization and Computerization accelerates - thanks to OUR TAX DOLLARS funding it.

Keep in mind that Computers are perfect and nothing is ever leaked out of, or changed, and your and your computer never gets a virus, right?

Google and You Tube and Microsoft Employees never Censor or lie, right?

There is a reason we sponsor Noble Gold to store you wealth, Trade Genius to make money with.

Whatever these Evil Minions are planning we need to pray against.


It has just been revealed that the Russia Gate Attack on President Trump began in Europe by none other than the leader of Germany and Devout NAZI Angela Merkel with a $5 Million Dollar Check to The Frazzled Ray using German Tax Dollars way back in 2016.

The Frazzled Rat then apparently paid off a whole group of folks to start this Fake Investigation.

Now that this has been exposed  a campaign has been kickedGermany out of  the EU for openly funding those who are participating in this Russia Gate which would lead to the attempted destruction of Planet Earth - Not meant as a Joke.

This Exposure has only just begin.

So as Britain and Italy now seek to leave the Eurozone we will see this trend accelerate as the Rothchilds Banking System tightens the Noose around the  people or Europe.

We will also see the “Russia Gate” investigation unwind as the actions of the Major Players such as Comey and Mueller are exposed

So hang on and enjoy the show and be ready for anything.


A photo shown here taken inside a Pecos Texas Immigration Court clearly depicts a bunch of Prisoners shackled together and being readied to be deported back to their countries of origin.

You come to America, you commit a Felony, you go home.

You come to America, work hard and raise a family - we welcome you and your kids.


1) California puts a Travel Ban on Oklahoma.

Yup - if you work for a Corporation sucking off the Tax Payer in California you are no loner allowed to travel to 8 different states using Tax Dollars.  This includes City, County and State Employees and School Employees. The ban will soon be extended to Sport Teams as well.

2) The Lefty Loony Governor Mon Beam has also now made it Illegal to Shower and wash cloths on the same day.

Rather than fixing the problems created by the drought he is now implementing a Drought Nanny State.

California Senate Bill 606 creates a Nanny Governing Body to oversee your use of water and it cannot exceed 55 gallons per day.

Until President Trump gets the guts to arrest this Nutcase Governor and his state Congressman for Treason these shenanigans will simply continue.


1) A Whale died off the coast of Thailand and it had 80 large plastic bags in it’s stomach.

When the Deep State decided to go to the Oil Standard for everything the knew exactly what it would lead to - Planetary Extinction. This is not Lucifer’s First Go Around.

When I was a kid we all used Paper Bags and Plastic was made from products from trees and degraded rapidly.

Now - we use non-degrading Plastic bags for everything and the Paper Bags we sue are weakened coated with Plastic Fire retardants and no longer safe recycle in our gardens.

2) As the Earth pulls to and from from the changing gravitational forces on the sun - the Volcano de Fuega in Guatemala sending roskna and hot lava miles.

There are currently 32 volcanoes erupting right now and another 54 smoking heavily.


Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

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Dr William B. Mount

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