Thursday, June 21, 2018

More Internet Controls As President Is Threatened


(166) The Internet Is About To Change Forever - YouTube


There are huge amounts of Censorship now announced across the globe.

First - the European Union today  enacted two very powerful laws that will restrict our access to the internet and will then spill over into America.

Without the approval of even their EU NAZI Board of Directors they have forced upon the people of Europe “Article 13” and “Article 11”

Article 13 prohibits any website from showing anything that is copyrighted work.

Of course - this means that if you are on the Internet you must automatically know what is copyrighted and what is not copyrighted or your entire Website can be pulled down.

If someone else puts up a picture, article or part of a video this New Commission determines if it is copyrighted and agan - you may loose your entire website.

Article 11 introduces a “Link Tax.” This means that internet companies need to get permission to show someone else’s work if it is copyrighted.

In other worlds - complete Internet Censorship with no explanation of why - no rules, just complete and utter Censorship.

Second - The US Supreme Court just ruled that states are allowed to collect sales taxes on things sold on the internet.

No more individual selling of your old items n Ebay - you must no have a business license and pay Sales Taxes.

In other words - we have all just been sold out by our US Supreme Court and President Trump will do nothing about it - no arrests for Treason.

Finally - China has figured out how to ban all sorts of Internet Posts so the truth can not be heard behind the Red Wall of Communism.

Now as Red China begins to expand into other nations they are forcing these other nations to accept their rules on the Internet.

The latest countries to fall to Chinese Control include Vietnam, and Tanzania but already over 15 African Nations are about to implement these new rules.

So if the US wishes to use the CIPS system - we must introduce full Censorship and President Trump is doing nothing ot change this.

First Google creates a Monopoly and then Censors everything and no one in the DC, US Department of Justice o White House does a darn thing about it.

The Plan is there is no plan but destruction.

As a final note - in order to access Blacklisted News one must go to Ru.msn as the Google NAZIs have just banned their website.

Pray the Google, and other internet Censors, are immediately neutralized for eternity.

Please also pray that the US President does as GOD has directed him to do or he will continue to loose what he loves most.



There is a Man Hunt for some lefty Loony a Judge just released from Prison for Murder who has vowed  to kill the President. The man is named Sean Christy and is the partner to a woman named Allison Harbor - a gal who works for the US Department of Justice.

In fact this NSA Undercover Agent Allison Harbor was hired by the Department Justice by a man named Aaron Hoag, Chief of the US Justice Department Technology and Financial Services Section, who received a $4,000 bonus after hiring her.

The people these two Lefty Loony’s are directly connected to include:

1) The Frazzled Rat
2) Loretta Lynch
3) Barack Hussein Obama
4) Yates
5) Comey
6) Mueller
7) Strozok

The list goes on and on and on.

It is a who’s who of traitors and until they are all behind bars in Solitary Confinement these kinds of threats will just go on and on and on.

Even the Libtard Peter Fonda threatened President Trumps Son and got away with it - no arrests there either.

Jeff Sessions is absolutely Worthless.

These Libtards are so perverted some College Professor named Sam Lavigne working for New York University’s Tisch School Of Arts, Using OUR TAX DOLLARS  collected the names and addresses of 1,500 ICE agents and released them onto the internet.

So until President Trump grows some stones below his belt as does as GOD has asked him to do and begins arresting these Nut Jobs - this will continue.

Why should we help protect President Trump if he will not do as GOD has directed him to do?

Should we elaborate about the attempt on his life coming up on the 4th of July if he will not cooperate with us?



1) The Pope has fired one of his American Cardinals for Child Sex Abuse - rape. The charges are real but he was simply retired.

No arrests for rape, no arrests for Child Molestation - he was just retired.

Pray that if the Pope wishes to let him go free for Rape that the Pope pays the penalty for rape immediately according to the Bible he supposedly represents.

Since the state of New York took no action against this Rapist GOD will take away from the Governor what he loves most immediately. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

2) Former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne has filed a Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Lawsuit against the Clinton Foundation.

Isn’t is sad the Frazzled Rat was never arrested for Torture and Murder?

The US Department of Justice will now be turned inside out - so GOD has said it - so it shall be. Many deaths will now occur within this department simply because it’s leaders are doing nothing.

3) Finally - President Trump pulling back the restrictions on Oil Production set forth by the last 7 Presidents set up has opened up America to export huge amounts of Clean Crude Oil.

There is so much oil in West Texas that in the Permian Valley there are not enough pipelines to pump out the Cheap Oil found there so new oil pipelines are now being built.

Like we stated earlier - America will now flood the market with cheap good crude Oil and displace the Arabian and South America Nations as major Oil Producers.

As such Oil Production in Peru, Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil is falling quickly as US Crude Oil Exports sky rocket.


Do not go to Seattle this Weekend.

 It is the Annual Gay Pride Riot.

These people who come to these events tend to be filthy, unruly and  make an utter mess of the entire city - smashing windows, stealing what they can get - it will get ugly Friday and Saturday Night and the Police are under orders not to arrest the looters.

This is an event planned and hosted using OUR TAX DOLLARS.

These paid pigs who are bussed in to these events give the Real Gay People a very, very bad name.

In fact - my recommendation is that if you have a business there - get out of Seattle while you can.

The City is about to go insane.

Further - it the President ever gets the guts to pull the Government Subsidies for companies like Amazon and Boeing and the Sanctuary Cites like he promised then Seattle will collapse overnight.

It’s time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

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