Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dollar Being Displaced By Yuan In 87 Nations


(244) Yuan Now Displacing Dollar In 87 Nations - YouTube


In an Huge Expansion of the Chinese Interbank Payment System the CIPS codes were implemented in 14 New Participants world wide.

This clearly places the CIPS System around the world with 738 different participants including Huge banks with subsidiaries across the globe:

1) 561 From Asia
2) 90 Are in Europe
3) 28 In Africa
4) 25 North America
5) 17 Oceana
6) 17 South America

This places the CIPS system in 87 separate nations across the globe.

Further - there are currently $8 Trillion Dollars in projects now being funded through this Chinese Based System as the Dollar is being squeezed out by our own US Treasury.

It is the Traitors in our own government that have sold “We The American People” down the river.

It is not without errors though as the Chinese Yuan slipped in value over the last week as China is having a Hay Day creating more and more Yuans by the hour.

Further - if the Rothchilds Banking family in Bern Switzerland refuses to release the Chinese Gold held there and send it back to China on 1 July there will be an internal blood bath.

To top it all off  if Deutsche Bank continues to ignore GOD then when the Gold is returned to China and the Euro backing is lost then the Euro Collapses and so does Deutsche Bank - and it’s collapse  will drag Europe down with it and an awful lot of Very High Ranking Elites will simply - “Vanish.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Frankly I hope the CEO of Deutsche Bank ignores GOD - We all wish to see the “FUN” as these Elites go away.

So while the America Press has us all focused on a Potential Military Conflict in Northern Mexico the Lefty Loony’s like Congressmen Nancy Pelousi and Chuckie Schumer are asking for our dollar is sinking very, very quickly.


In a recent report just released by the US Department of Justice for 2013 it clearly states that the Flu Vaccination is the most dangerous vaccination in the US - based on the number of  cases in the Vaccine Courts where Compensation was paid.

Out of 139 claims that were won 70 of them were for the Flu Vaccination.

Unfortunately -
 OUR US Department of Justice hides most facts concerning Vaccine Injuries so pray they actually begin telling the truth immediately.

2) The US Supreme Court has ruled that  a warrant is necessary for phone location data to be used in court and that we, as Americans, have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Somebody actually read the Bill of Rights


3) The NSA is now moving it’s data to the Cloud. All of their data is now stored in the “Intelligence Community Govcloud” run by Amazon.

It is not likely President Trump will cut off their Subsidies as they displace Fed Ex, UPS and other package deliverers.

Amazon - the Perfect Government Subsidized package delivery system - National Zozialeesm at it’s finest - our Federal NAZI’s

4) In a very interesting story someone is asking why all the Assassination Attempts by the FBI and CIA are now being reported in the news.

The next attempt will be 4 July - and we have already discussed this.

President Trump should get his own drinks htat day as someone close to him shorter, skinny in a Blue Suit, White Shirt and Dark Tie will hand him one in the Evening and cause him to have a Heart Attack.

We could tell you that he usde to work for the CIA and has a real Whacky Loony Lefty Cutie who currently works for the FBI.

Since the SS refuses to work with us we will continue to broadcast these warning so millions can SS just how corrupt and inept the leadership of the Secret Service really is.


Last year America dropped over 48,000 bombs - or one every 12 Seconds - costing the American Tax Payer over $48 Billion Dollars.

Since we are leaving Syria as the 3 Star Gates are closed we need a New Live Fire Range - perhaps - Mexico?


It’s time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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