Saturday, June 30, 2018

Surviving The Coming Civil Unrest


(494) How To Survive The Coming Civil Unrest - YouTube

There will now be an attempt by the World Leaders to try and create some sort of Civil Unrest across this planet - especially here in America.

Look up - the weather has gone bonkers world wide and with it comes crop failures up the Ying Yang

This means, out of necessity, food prices will begin to rise as the Government subsidies begin to go away - an instant recipe for Civil Unrest.

Further - if we see a period where College Grants and Welfare and money to those who are Mentally Disabled cut we will see some real Civil Unrest - as we are now seeing in Iran, Venezuela, Argentina, Nicaragua, etc.


In addition  the Lefty Loony’s will, no doubt, be sending in their Goon Squads paid for by the FBI/CIA and DHS to stir up trouble nad start riots - as the Communist Party did back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Many people will then come out and join these Goon Squads - or Loony Lefty Goons - to join in the “Fun.”

The best way to stay out of trouble is to avoid these “Demonstrations” all together. If it is advertised and planned -- then be sure so are the Goon Squad Riots.

If you find yourself in the middle of one of these “Planned Demonstrations” with Goons in them then take cover. They will begin throwing Bricks and rocks they brought with them and burning anything that will burn. Get to a safe place - like a Hotel Lobby or large Grocery Store.

Do not try and take on these Goons Squads as the FBI & CIA have them well armed and well trained and they are no afraid of Killing You. These are not the Wimps of the 1970’s and 80’s and these Goons ARE federal Agents and they are there to create roits.

If they do attack you the best thing you can have to defend yourself is spray them with Bear Spray.

Use it and run, hide your face and get out of the area. Do not stay around the area.

Even if you - say - disable 8 or 10 of these Goons the Feds will simply hire more Lefty Loony Goons so until we see Comey, Mueller, The Frazzled Rat rotting in GITMO for over 100 attempts to start a Nuclear Conflict and assassinate a standing President then just assume the President is funding these “Demonstrations” and these Goons.

Likely these Federal Goons will create enough havoc to close roads and grocery stores but not the Power or Water so having extra food and water is a must.

As these Goons begin to coordinate looting rampages on Twitter (Subsidized by the Federal Budget) just assume they have the “Okey-dokey” by our President since he signed the bill to fund Twitter and refused to arrest those planning this Treason.

If the Paid Protesters (Treasonous Folks) and the Police shut down the highway - as the Cops have done many times before - then this is a planned shut down and it behooves you to carry lots of extra water and a portable toilet in your car with a Blanket.

Discuss this plan with your wife and children so they have a safe place to go just in case these Federally Paid Goons decide to attack schools or businesses.

Discuss multiple routs to get home to avoid these Paid Goon Squads.

Be ready for a lock down - where the streets are closed for days as the Paid Federal Goon Squads incite more riots, burnings and shootings.

Once you get home stay there.

If the power goes out then you can recharge your phones in your car and use them for light at night, and remember to keep your car filled with gas just in case the Police decide to shut down a 10 lane freeway because of 3 “Demonstrators.”

If you do pack a weapon avoid using it unless you are absolutely sure it is needed - and if you are trained and insured to use it.

When you get home lock all windows and doors and keep your pets in doors.

Do not answer the door for anyone -  except for someone you know and trust.

Be prepared to defend your family.

In the US Army test in St Louis and New Orleans in 2005 (Hurricane Katrina was a planned test) during we found that organized neighborhoods that posted guards had no looting.

No matter how scared you are - keep your cool. These are paid Federal Goons there to create riots and looting -  they have specific targets and goals and it is more than likely your home is not a Specific Target.

Exactly how long these riots last and how bad they get is all in the Federal Budget for these Federal Agencies.


These Lefty’s have gone utterly mad with hate as their Free Lunch is about to come to an end.

No longer will they be able to contemplate their Navel on OUR TAX DOLLARS - as they will have to get a job to eat.

1) A few days ago the Lefty Prestitute Reporters cussed at the very thought of loosing control of the US Supreme Court - they came unglued.

2) Yesterday Jim Acosta, former CNN News Producer, shouted at the President after he gave a Eulogy for sever slain reporters in Annapolis Maryland.

This of course being said after yet another Democratic National Socialist (NAZI) State - Argentina  - begins failing apart.

There are now almost 30 Argentina Peso’s per dollar - up form 6 per dollar only 4 years ago.


President Trump is shown here with the family members of those killed by Illegal Aliens as these Loony Lefty Democrats laughed.

This is a land meant for those who wish to work, not collect Welfare and sell drugs. Those days are ending.

From now on Federal and International Laws will be followed and Illegals will be sent home as soon as they are rounded up.

Please pray for the safety of President Trump and that all Lefty Loony’s across the glonbe effecting this nation are neutralized for life immediately.


Dr William B. Mount


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