Saturday, June 16, 2018

Economic Reset Is Here - Watch Closely


Economic Reset Is Here - Watch Closely - YouTube

President Trump was scheduled to be in Vladavastok Russia today but instead was at the White House.

Apparently when the Supreme Leader of North Korea signed a document allowing the US Nuclear Energy Institute buy back all 156 Nukes and 6 Minuteman Launch Pads as the US Sanctions are lifted the President immediately switched gears and discussed the Economic Reset with representatives of China and Russia.

Before we begin please note that the Russian Rubble and Chinese Yuan do not have circles around their bill.

The Old US $5 Bill did, but the New One does not.






The $1 Bill does have a circle - indicating that the Federal Reserve System is in full bankruptcy and controlled by the IMF.

So the reset will deal with the Federal Reserve System - not necessarily the other currencies.

Maybe this is why the Russia Federation and Red China are now pulling out of US Banks and Bonds.





The Banks borrow and lend on the Overnight MTN market and can literally make Billions overnight.

They borrow - at say 3 %, and lend at say 5% - making 2% profit overnight plus fees.

What happens when the Banks borrow at 5% and lend at 3%?

They can loose Billions overnight.

The system is automatic and cannot be changed - except by the SWIFT System.

In the past when this curve inverted the Central Bank gave these banks huge amounts of US Treasury Bills - which they Monetized and turned them into money to cover their losses.

What happens when the US Treasury fails to give these banks US Treasury Notes when they loose Billions overnight and they cannot monetize their existing Treasury Notes because the Central Bank Outlet banks sold US Treasury Bonds 3 and 4 times - they sold a Serial Numbered Bond 4 times - so they committed Banking Fraud?

You can only cash in a particular numbered bond once.

System failure

System Breakdown

Now what happens if the IMF Orders this System Failure for these banks?

This is what is happening world wide as banks are now loosing money by the Billions literally overnight as the US, UE, Russia and China (85% of the World’s GDP) tighten their belts and allow these banks to go Belly Up.

This was supposed to happen last October but it failed to occur as the world was not ready to dump the dollar.

Today the world is ready and the World Leaders have all agreed to this Massive Banking Failure.

What we have been told is that in September these things will all come about and in a repeat of the last disaster - sometime in September or October we will have a Financial Reset.

We will go home on a 3 day weekend, the banks will all close, and Monday Morning - Voila - a new System.

Over night Welfare and Mental Disability will be over, Federal Give Away Programs will be terminated, Foreign Aid - gone.

We believe this will begin in September and unwind in October of this year - but we really do not know - do we???

The Plan is there is no plan - so what exactly happens we will just have to wait and see. 

What exactly happens to the Underground Cities and the Super Duper Space Program run by Lockheed Martin out of Bethesda, Maryland when the banks fail - we can only speculate.

Further - Apparently Mad Dog Mattis was on the Board of Directors of the Theranos Company - which was used to steal money for this Space Program and is still being used today to miniaturize components for their Starships.

So if Robert Mueller - Special Prosecutor and man who is still trying to set off a Full Scale Nuclear Conflict - knows what is good for him, he had better lay off of Mattis or some pretty horrible info about his father and him will be released post haste.

God Promises.



1) This November 6 states will vote to leave the Union - including Oregon and California. No arrests have been made of these Loony Lefty Governors have been made.

2) California has another vote to make - whether they split up California into 3 different states.

3) Apparently our DNA is now being changed through Retroviruses to do three things:
Give us Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes.  In this way the medical Community can suck you dry before you die.

No arrests have been made of the Traitors currently working on these projects. We would give their names -  but why?

If Treason and Murder are now legal according to the leaders in the White House - why give out any names?

4) Yet another TESLA car bursts into flames.


5) US is leaving the UN Human Rights Council because they apparently hate the Jews.

6) A Macy’s in Alexandria, Virginia has closed and was then turned into a Homeless Shelter - housing some of it’s former employees.

As the Government sucks more and more money from us we have less and less to spend on retail.

Here where I live Tax Rates have doubled over the last 10 years illegally so the average household in Tacoma now spends an additional $3,000 per year just in property taxes - accounting for a loss to retail of over $3 Billion Dollars a year just in my Home Town.

Multiply this across the nations and it accounts for around $4 Trillion Dollars Lost just due to higher Property Taxes as home prices and wages have remained stagnant.

As the cities illegally stash this money (See Their CFR) our streets across the nation are degrading rapidly.

The White House refuses to make any arrests of those individuals illegally raising Tax Rates nation wide.

We are set for a Collapse by those committing Treason at the highest levels.


The World Elephant Polo Association out of Thailand has kicked off an Anti-Gambling Campaign by playing Soccer on Elephants.

The World Elephant Association raises money for Elephant Conservation.
It’s time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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