Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Reset Ready As Stolen Gold Is Recovered


(1903) Reset Ready As President Recovers Stolen US & Chinese Gold - YouTube


Over the last 24 hours President Trump has announced he found out where the gold stolen from the World trade Center was sent and is in the process of recovering all of it.


Furhter - as of 1 July the Stolen Chense Gold must be returned to China from Basil Switzerland by the Rothchilds or the will face severe retribution.

This means the physical metal backing for the Europe and the Israeli Shekel will be gone and these currencies are expected to crash.

Since the US Corporation owns the Euro Nations Corporation - the Dollar will follow several weeks later.

This means the Gold Backed Yuan will become a reality and the US Dollar is about to fundamentally change.

The Rothchilds are apparently not going down without a fight.

In the full implementation ofhte Chinese CIPS (Chinese Interpayment System) those who run the SWIFT Syatem for trade tried to break into the CIPS System and failed - crashing the Asian Credit Card System for several days.

This “Crash” should hit the US on Friday - so - keep some extra cash on hand for this Father’s Day Weekend.


1) The US Treasury is considering monetizing them - raising the M-2 Money Supply form $14 Trillion to around $70 Trillion - Meaning a controlled Hyper Inflation and perhaps a new US Dollar.

2) Unreported - but the Chinese M -2 Money supply has doubled over the last 2 years.

3) The IMF has announced the BITCOiN is strongly beeing considered as the New digital Currency - and is being controlled and brought down to around $6,000 per Bitcoin.

4) All 7 corporations connected to Deutsche Bank are ready to fall - which will cause a cascading effect on Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and then French Banks.

5) President Trump just told the G-7 to take a flying leap off a cliff and is currently meeting with the leaders fo China and Russia (65% Of World’s GNP) to determine their next course of action to strip the power away from the current Kazarian Banking Cabal.

8) These Tariffs are apparently not effecting our relationships with our allies as the idea of leveling the Trade Playing Field was agreed  on several years ago.

9) The Pro-Trump Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) now controls Oil and Natural Gas Futures and most of the Metal Futures and now owns the New York & London Stock Exchanges.

Finally: Over 33,000 IRAs are abandoned every year plus countless other accounts.

Work with Noble Gold to recover those lost retirement accounts and put them in something real.

Man are we glad we could get you on today.

So many changes in such a short amount of time. Our heads are spinning.

Thank you for coming on such short notice.

What is going on with our money?


Thank you Nobel Gold for helping support our 8 kids in Mexico and 4 in Peru.

I made no money doing this story - I never do. it all goes into a non-profit to support kids - feed families.

We just gave a guy enough money to build a bedrooms for his 2 daughters.

It’s time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

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