Thursday, June 7, 2018

West Coast Fisheries Have Collapsed


(1790) West Coast Fisheries Have Collapsed - YouTube



The fisheries across the West Coast are now in the process of collapsing - from British Columbia to Los Angeles and into the entire Puget Sound.

As Plankton populations collapse so to do the Krill Populations, then the Sardines and finally the major fish like Tuna and Cod.

What this means is much higher prices for these Sea Foods in the near future and “Farm Fed” Fake Sea Food in the very near future.

Since most of the Sea Life lives in the top 100 feet of the Ocean - something has killed the Surface of the Ocean.

The reason for this rapid decline over the last 10 years is due to:

1) Geo-engineering - both Chemtrails poisonous Metals combined with the destruction of the Ozone Layer causing the Plankton to die.

Here we can see evidence of Whales with Sun Burns.

2) Toxic chemicals being pumped into the Ocean at an ever alarming rate caused by the world now running on the Oil Standard.

3) Microsoft is now placing 5-G Transmitters  (1-2 Million Htz) at the bottom of the oceans that are literally frying the fish.

4) Hanford dumping raw radiation waste into the ocean and the sound.

5) Ships filled with Toxic Chemicals dumping their loads form Canada and the US overboard in the North Pacific. This I have seen.

6) Barges filled with Barrels of Toxic waste being dumped into the Puget Sound. After midnight. This we have also seen.

7) Finally - Fukushima (3/11/11) with  4,000,000 pounds of radioactive materials into the Pacific Ocean - the equivalent or:  2 Million Hiroshima Nukes now pummeling the West Coast.

2 Million Hiroshima Nukes.

Shortly after this we saw the first real collapse of the West Coast Fisheries - but the radiation and pollution just keep coming.

This is reversible at this time but not likely this Intentional Environmental Pollution will stop any time soon.

too many Lefty Loonies are on the take.

Prepare for huge price increases in food.


We are looking at two very large volcanic eruptions that just seem to be getting worse:

1st: Hawaii - Mount “Spewing’

2nd: Guatemala - Mount “Fire”

 If these begin here in the USA we will see greater crop failure due to the poisonous GMO Foods not tolerating this and direct damage to the crops.



The world is waking up to these National Socialists (NAZIs) and is rejecting these nut cases world wide.

This can be seen in the following:

…..a) California Voting Records indicate only about 20% of these Liberal Loonies are voting.

…..b) Planned Parent Hood just got busted for supporting parents who are raping (Abusing) their kids.

c)…..India and Malaysia are demanding the US Treasury stop shrinking their balance and get the World’s Economy going again.

…..d) It has just been exposed that Facebook has been giving OUR data to Chinese Corporations. This data includes such things as Launch Codes, frequencies used in out Top Secret Machines, access to all US Data bases including Submarine Targeting Locations with over 30,000 Nukes, location of Hidden Submarines and our Top Secret Decoding Access Codes.

Everything has been compromised and it is all coming out.

What us amazing is that no one at Facebook has been arrested yet and they are still doing this - right?


In a huge Ta Da Trump: European Refineries have agreed not to buy oil from Iran as US Crude Oil is now cheaper and less costly to refine.

Further - Venezuela oil production is collapsing. Per an international court ruling - CONOCO has seized some ports and the rest are in been do huge repairs and cannot keep up with production.

Further - Brazilian Oil Production is also falling horribly, though this is not reported. Thus the ultimate rise in Gasoline Prices is created Huge Strikes all across Brazil - from the Truckers the Dock Workers.

These strikes may move North to Mexico where Oil Production is also falling as costs for their Crude Oil rises daily.


Coinbase - a large dealer in Bit coin - is now turning it’s books over to the IRS/US Dept of Treasury for regulation


As stated much earlier - the US and Russia will now flood the world’s economy with high grade, cheap oil and displace other Oil Producers.



The attacks to start WW3 are accelerating. Within the last 3 weeks:

1) Attempt to nuke Vandenburg Air Force Base and then Israel launching 35 nukes from the North Korean Shores then blaming North Korea.

2) Attempt on Trump 4 June.

3) Attempt on Trump 12 June in Singapore

If we are wrong once - we have a Planetary Extinction of all those both above and below the ground.

Intel Geeks: Lucifer wants YOU dead.

How can you support a being that is trying to kill you and your kids and grandkids?

Run that equation through your memory banks.

It is ----- illogical

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

West Coast sardine fishing closed for 4th year; ‘alarming’ 97% population decline - SFGate

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Microsoft Sinks Data Centre Off Orkney

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