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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Its Not Just The Bankers Being Murdered

Apparently it is not just the Bankers in America that are being Murdered.

Russel Smith, 29 years old, was found in his home in Roy Utah - about 30 Miles North of Salt Lake - was found dead in his home with his entire family. The local stories is made it sound like Russel took a hunting rifle and with a bolt action rifle shot his two children, his wife, and then himself. None of them ran as he apparently reloaded each round into the rifle.

So a young guy with a Beautiful working wife, working for a company that makes Top-Secret stuff for the US Department of Defense on his way up the corporate ladder just went off the deep end and his family just sat there as he shot them one by one?


Russel Smith had been working for L-3 Communications. They claimed that he no longer worked there - but that is not what his parents were told the day before he was found dead.

So if you are working for a company in America that is designing and manufacturing Top secret Weapons - like Cloaked Nuclear Bombs - and somebody in the company thinks you may be a threat then they just order you and your family killed.

No interview, no arrest - they just kill you and your family.

Why not - the US Corporate President Barack Obama (Barry Soetorro) does it all the time.

Welcome to America.

If you have those kinds of skills - work overseas where they are at least loyal to their employees.
I received a call from someone (Call him Joe) who worked for Homeland Security (The US SS). He signed on years ago and was never able to get a copy of the papers he signed when he was hired. Appanetly Homeland Security (SS) does not have to obey Corporate Law or the UCC. The US SS is above the law, Zeig Heil.

Joe was injured pretty badly on the job and was sent to the hospital for a day and then transported home. There he lay in bed for months so Homeland Security fired him. The SS has interfered with any Disability he has applied for and they still refuse to give him a copy of the papers he signed when he was hired.

If you have any skills, and you work for any company associated with the US Fascist Corporation (US Code 2, Section 286) you are basically screwed.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

May those who believe in Freedom pray with me:

"Father In Heaven, please immediately and permanently immobilize all those on this planet
who are working to destroy both America and our Freedom."
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - Great Stories Dr Will P Wilson, Priest of  Russian Orthodox Church, St Petersburg Russia

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