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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stroke During a Stroke President Obama

President Obama: It's called a stroke.

The dizziness you are now feeling in Palm Springs is caused by a Stroke induced by an outside party.

This is why you are having a headache.

Get out of the sun and go sit down and have a Manhattan - it will act as a surfactant to calm your "Nerves."

Perhaps you should have a little Immusist in your tea - it will clear it right up really fast and reverse the damage.

You never should have declared yourself as god on the Golf Course -- even as a joke.

The lower left part of your brain has a small clot induced by one of your enterage' of security guards - change them immediately.

Have a nice day in Palm Springs Golfing as your handlers are begging for more places to sell their US Bonds in Europe.

Dr Mount

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