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Friday, June 19, 2015

Greek Bank Run And How It Effects You

Today the Greeks ran to the bank trying to pull out as many Euros as they could because rumors in the Rothchilds Controlled Media stated that the banks will take a "Bank Holiday" on Monday.

We know it was fed by these Rothchilds (Bauers) because all across the world the stories about this were the same and most of them contained the words:  "Game Over".  So please keep in mind that the Greek Government knows who is destroying their people and refuses to stop this by arresting the perpetrators. Either they are Cowards or paid off to destroy Greece.

(((Please pray - Visualize - that those who are blocking your ability to get the news are immediately made so sick they can not speak or move for the rest of their lives. I mean really pray that they cannot move or speak.)))

After three months of paying the Greek Bill the IMF just announced that Greece is broke?

This is all planned.

Like we stated months ago:

1) Greece will fall.

2) Next the PIGS Nations - Portugal, Italy, and SPain.

3) France next.

4) Germany will fall.

5) Finally: The US will tumble.

6) Then these nuts plan to shoot "Jesus" out of the sky (Not Kidding) and barring this


7) Russia will nuke the US and invade since those in the White House are traitors and sold out completely.

Russian Plans Atomic “First Strike” As “False Flag” Racial Massacre Pushes America To Brink Of Insanit

What this means for you is: You need to throw away the TV and listen very hard for GOD. Ask HIM what to do.

If you are listening and IF you throw your TV out the window then you will be able to hear and your family will be readied for what is coming.

Like Y2K - the only thing that may happen is prices simply go up and we are stuck with a Fascist Pig in the White House for a few more years.

Either way it is not a bad thing to ba prepared for a power outage or your water supply being cut due to a Earth Quake or other disaster, right?

YOUR job is to listen to the Living GOD and prepare your family for any event that may happen. That is all. The news is simply a device used to tell us what time it is - how close we are to the return of our savior. That's All.

BE READY - YouTube

Game Over For Greek Banks: Depositors Yank €2 Billion In Past Three Days | Zero Hedge

The News You Need

Dr. William B. Mount

About 5 minutes after I posted last night's story I received a Sun Spot Alert and the ground began shaking all over the world, GOD IS NEVER WRONG:

Russian First Strike Map:

The Sun Today:

Image Unavaliable

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