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Monday, June 1, 2015

UN Broadcast 1 June 2015

Today the Heart of the United Nations had yet another meeting - they just get better and better. The more you learn the more you realize how little you know.

Today is the Gemini Full Moon festival - which corresponds  to the World Invocation Day and the International Day Of Prayer.

One gathers together in groups to meditate and focus on the Life of Christ.

At this time the energy is the greatest for this day of Prayer. The full moon being at 12:20 in the after noon tomorrow Eastern Standard Time.

Please consider that the Full Moon Time is now 2 hours and 2 minutes off every 30 days now - so the Full Moon is 122 minutes late this month - it is getting worse by the month. GD said hte Earth would wobble to and fro and it is.

This time also represents the time of Samadhi - a time of meditation where the union of the Divine is reached. Divine meaning not of this world. So through meditation you do an Out of Body Experience and contact some spirit outside the Earth.

This energy during this Gemini Full Moon is so strong that 70 years ago on 5 June at the time of the Full Moon the allies (US, UK, France and the Soviet Union) signed the Final Peace Treaty with NAZI Germany.

 Much of the meeting was spent meditating.

You can criticize me relentlessly for participating in this --- this is where GOD has sent me and this is how YOUR world leaders think and move.
On a personal note: After we helped Divert the Rogue Nuke form DC a few weeks ago apparently someone on Fort Lewis erased my Retirement Orders that were written by the Secretary of the Army.

When I tried to get an updated Retired ID Card a GS nothing Affirmative action Employee refused to return my Driver's License and Military ID Card - she simply refused to return it --- she - for a time - seized this Ambassador's ID after I identified myself as an Ambassador. She refused to return my Drivers License.

I then went to the Fort Lewis Legal Office (JAG) where I spoke with a man who was about 50 and took in New Clients for Fort Lewis and he stated to me that the legal offices on Fort Lewis do not give a HOOT about Diplomatic Protocol and Diplomatic Immunity - the JAG Office for I Corp.

So the Legal Position of the 1st Corp Commander for Fort Lewis is that the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations is not to be followed on post and if they Arrest (or Detain) an Ambassador, member of Foreign Royalty of Knight of Malta so what - who cares.

We then contacted the protocol Officer on Fort Lewis (Bonnie) and she simply "Filed A Report" with security. That's all. An Ambassador has his Driver's License  and Military DD Form 2A (ID Card) Seized by a low level GS Employee and she filed a report with the First Corps.

So - who erased my Retirement orders after we tried to stop DC from being Nuked tow weeks ago - who wants DC in ruins and the President dead?

Who erased the orders written by the Secretary of the Army and thus told the Secretary of the Army his office is Full Of Sh.... and does not matter?

Why does Fort Lewis allow some low level GS Employee to seize and Ambassador's ID?

Do we need a different Three Star General to run Fort Lewis who will eliminate these problems?

GODs Recommendation: If you have an embassy in the United States - get out. There is NO respect for your Ambassadors (GOD help your consulates) - not by the US Army First Corps Three Star General, not by the local Police. Get out before you get arrested or killed. The US is going down. Get out.
The News You Need

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount
No longer retired Captain Mount
Russian Knight of Malta
Bishop, Russian Orthodox Church, Russia

PS - there is nothing wrong with the sun, ignore the Black Spots and Sun Spots. Look into the camera and be happy.

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