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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mormons Were Always Right: Giants In America

The Mormons have always been right - there were Giants in America.

Now I am not a Mormon but I love the Mormon People and you have to admit when someone is right or your reporting is absolutely useless. Truth - GOD's Truth - will always win out.

The following was from a story posted years ago about a man who entered a cave in the Grand Canton and drew and photographed the Mummies of Men whop were about 35 feet tall.

Lucifer - when he was Thrown Out Of Heaven landed at Tel-Dan and there made a Human Sacrifice Table to himself and began the construction of an underground Laboratory where, in one of his experiments, developed the Giants - as can be seen with Ground Penetrating Radar form space.

Tel-Dan is located on Mount Hebron - half way between Damascus and Jerusalem.

Al Kada being the actual Doorway to Lucifer's First Human Sacrifice Table where he kills humans to suck off their emotional pain. Thus - Al Kada is the US Corporation's Method for their Demons to suck off of the pain of dying people.

The world is waking up: John Kerry has a Bullet 2 inches from his heart at the moment that they are having a hard time removing it due to his loss of blood. We have the technology to save him but it appears that after President Obama's visit to Kerry will not use this technology.

The Original Obama and Hillary are no where to be seen after they killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the Japanese Ambassador to China on the same day

VP Beau Biden's son was killed - Shot I believe.

Harry Read was beaten until he become blind in one eye and is now retiring.

A Dozen Congressman are scheduled to be killed in the next month and their only hope is the Legally Armed American and in a few short days yet another Nuke will be brought into DC we have already discussed. They may be replaced by doubles.

The world is waking up and the Mormon's appear to have been correct all along.

Please pray that the New Mormon Leader - who is being voted on now - hears the Living GOD and acts accordingly.

Here is the proof:

An Underground City of Giants Discovered in the Grand Canyon? | Locklip

Lost Cave City in the Grand Canyon? - Crystalinks

These Mommies are 36 feet tall:
Image result for an underground city of giants discovered in the grand canyon

Tel Dan, Lucifer's first home out of heaven,  the door is called Al Kada - currently occupied by US Corporate Forces to honor Lucifer:

Image result for tel dan

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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