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Monday, June 2, 2014

The VA Hospital Is A Mess


The VA hospital is a royal mess.

(((Please pray that new leadership fixes the problem.)))

Today I went to the VA for some dental work. 

For those of you who follow this blog you know that my health care comes from the VA and the only type I now get is Dental. I was approved to get outside Dental Care and when a $20,000 bill was presented to the Seattle VA Hospital they turned around and denied the care - THEY LIED and it is documented.

In response one of the dentist volunteered his time to help me with my teeth - there are good people at the VA - they are just overwhelmed by the Bureaucracy.

When I arrived at 6:55Am there were already 4 Emergency Patients before me there. By 7: 30 4 more emergency patients had arrived. One needed to pick up some false teeth - 7 had fillings fall out. 

Two "Emergency" patients told me they had had so many appointments cancelled on them they had to wait a year to see a dentist and by then 6 or 8 fillings had fallen out. Both of them had their previous records erased off the computer so when they came they had to again proved they had served in the military.

One patient was extremely agitated and stated that the VA had terminated both his pain medications and Anti- Depressants at on Friday and refused to issue him more so he came the dental office on Monday - they cut off this drug addict cold. He was ready to either kill someone or jump out a window.

That is not only Heartless but dangerous and should be run up on charges of "Attempted Murder."

So here are some very good reasons that the VA has little time for veterans:

1) Seven Vets were there for EEergnecy Work because a filling (Fillings) fell out. 

Inferior Filling Materials being used?

2) The Dental Office told me that they were very busy and next week they will close the office down to work on the teeth of DOC employees - that is Homeland Security.

Why is the VA charging the IMF to work on the teeth of Homeland Security Employees?

Why is the VA Dental not fixing the teeth of Disabled Vets, that comes out of the Homeland Security Budget not the VA right?

3) The VA Dental works on Social Security Recipients not Disabled Vets?

4) In the building there were 50 employees and 6 dentists. You think the VA is top heavy?

5) The VA has Affirmative action counselors, General Counselors, Sexual Assault Counselors, Social Workers, Acupuncturists, Accountants, a Post Office, Drug RehabProgram Coordinators, a Chaplin ----- but very, very, very  few doctors.

6) Out of 100 patients only 3% are 100% disabled and only one is 100% Physically Disabled.

7) In other worlds - only 1 in 100 patients are there to treat their 100% Service Connected Physical Disability ad these patients are forced to use the VA because they are unable to buy other Health Insurance because they are disabled. I used to have an Insurance License - they are stuck, trapped like slaves.

8) If you do use the VA you must be "VESTED."

9) It is "Open Enrollment"  in the VA Hearing Clinic - all are welcome. Just fill out this form and sign your name here.

10) The term Vested as described in USC 38, sec 3501 - if you define each word they use - means that if you use the VA you are a  slave of the VA Coprporation. Period.

SLAVE (In this context) - Black's Legal Dictionary - 1960.

They own you, like property. Like slavery in Mississippi in 1850, you are now property according to United States (Corporate) Code 38.

They order you to do anything - take a drug, move to their Old Folks Home - you must comply.

Unless you understand: this:


They Do Not Own: William Mount the American 

Nor do they own William Mount the Ambassador or the Russian Diplomat

Now you know why the VA is a mess.

This Is Obama Care At It's Finest

The News You Are Not Supposed To Know


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