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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Prepare For A Yellowstone Eruption

Scientists have picked up a swarm of earthquakes in the Northern corner of Yellow Stone National Park.

(((((Please pray that those who are creating these earthquakes are eliminated immediately.)))))

I urge you that if you live within 100 miles of Yellow stone to be prepared to move at a moments notice.

These earthquakes are being created by the DOD under the orders of David Rothchilds.

Able Danger wriggled out of AMEC corporation that they have placed a 5 KT Nuclear Weapon under Yellow Stone.

I urge the citizens of Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota to arrest find, and neutralize, this nuclear weapon is detonated - expected date 31 August 2014/

Swarm of earthquakes noted in Yellowstone - Cody Enterprise: Local News

Dr William B. Mount

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