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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chinese General States DOD has ED


In a recent interview on television a Prominent Chinese General stated that the US Department of Defense has Erectile Disfunction. Sound Familiar APFN readers?

(((Please pray that the US gets out of Chinese waters)))

Chinese Major General Zhu Chenghu responded harshly to the United States warnings about China's presence in the South CHINESE sea. He believes that the US Military is only a Shell of it's former self and it runs the risk of offending those in Beijing. 

In response to Secretary of States Drunk Chuck Hagel stating China's actions will destabilize the region the general replied through Singapores Phoenix TV Station: 

"As US Power declines, Washington needs to rely on it's allies in order to reach it's goal of containing China's development. But whether it will get involved or use military intervention once there is a terrirorial dispute involving China and it's neighbors, That is another issue......We can see from hte situation in hte Ukraine this kind of ED.........(Erectile Disfunction) "

In other words - the Chinese general stated the US DOD has Erectile Disfunction.

Let's see:

1) US DOD Commanding General Dempsy has ED (Medical Condition)  and also refuses to obey his own regulations and arrest President Obama  --- so he not only has ED he is a Limp D.... Coward with a Permanent Brain Cramp.

2) President Obama's "wife" has an Adam's Apple - and apparently Michelle is the only real man in the family.

3) There are no US General's, or US Law Enforcement Officers, man enough to arrest Barrack Obama (Barry Soetorro) based on a warrant issued by a county sheriff for lying on his college entrance paperwork and collecting money as an Indonesian Citizen And for being an Illegal Alien.

So yes - apparently the US DOD has Erectile Disfunction.

Further - after extensive scrutiny by the Obama Administration - the VA is still misusing Dental Funds and using time (And Money) set aside to ix 100% physically disabled vets teeth they are now fixing  the teeth of DOC folks and billing the IMF for it.

Despite all our efforts here on APFN the Obama Administration is still allowing hte VA to sell military records around the world so all of our computer data bases have been hacked and our Nuclear Launch DOces (Still using 8 inch floppies adn DOS 2.11 - have been hacked.

Great job DOD - you do have ED the Chinese General was right.

Apparently they read my stories -- wow!
For You Not So Smart Intel Geeks in America:

President Assad won the Presidential Election today in Syria by 87% of the votes counted.

US/UK: Get the Heck out of Syria.
A Statement By An American About Syria

We the American People are ashamed at the US Corporation for wantantly funding the killing of the Syrian People for fun. We demand that the US COrporation get out of Syria and take your Jolly Old English Boys with you. Ambassador Mount.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr WIlliam B. Mount


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