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Friday, June 27, 2014

Lee Harvey Oswald Was Added To The CIA Memorial Wall

Eight months ago Lee Harvey Oswald was added to the CI Memorial Wall at their Langley Headquarters.

(Please Pray that the CIA is shut down)

In order to be added to this Memorial Wall you must be on a mission for the CIA and die in Full Honor serving this corporation owned by the Queen of England.

In other words - Lee Harvey Oswald did officially participate in the assassination of Presidnet Kennedy just like the Chief Jesuit General Hanz Kovlenback said 4/15/2000, as we reporterd here on APFN and in Pravda.

The Jesuits will kill, kill, kill anyone who gets in hte way of the Jesuits and their MASTER Lucifer.

Hanz also said; Kill the Jesuits and you get your money back, you get your country back.

So why are we only learning about this Act done in November in late June?

Why did we not hear about the Full Black Out of hte entire nation of  Yemen 11 June 2014?

Why did we not know ISIS is the name of a US Intel Agency that kills people in the Middle East?

Information Black Outs thanks to orders from the White House and those working diligently ay Fort Belvoir, and Fort Wachuka, and Allied Signal Group - all there to make YOU, the Tax Payer - Stupid and uninformed.

Some Other Tit Bits like his CIA Badge Picture and the CIA admission they helped kill Kennedy.!4TO7a
I am unable to import the pictures from the website - too many viruses.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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