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Friday, June 13, 2014

What Is Al Kada?

Al Kada is batted around by the leaders of the US Corporation as a Muslim outfit connected to the Muslim Brotherhood that wants to kill all Americans.

(((Please Pray you mind is opened)))

Al Kada is Lucifer's First Temple in Mount Hebron.

Mount Hebron is the mountain just North of Israel where the Jordan river comes from.

Under Al Kada are a series of underground bases - but tat is for another day.

So the CIA came up with the name Al kada (Al Quada) to be hte name fo the Bad Muslims.

The Jewish Story is that the Tribe of Benjamin went north and interbred with the Fallen Angels or the Watchman and created the Giants. What was left traveled to Greece and then to Rome to set up this New World Order  2,500 years ago.

The original temple looked just like the Temple to Artemis in Greece:

 Note: The White House

Tel Dan 3,000 years ago, we think:

Tel Dan

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