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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Putin Orders Troops on Full Alert

We need some emergency prayer.

Please pray that whatever the Rothchilds (US/UK Troops) are planning fails miserably.

President Putin is ready to chew nails - President Obama has a hit out on him not such a happy family at the top?

President Putin does nothing on a Whim so for him to call for this war means that what we have printed here on APFN has been confirmed.

Further - the Hits on the Current  Presidents  of: Thailand, Argentina, Ukraine (If He does Not Start a War), and a dozen other nations has also been confirmed.

In a war it is estimated that NATO will take most of Eastern Russia and then be stopped near Moscow due to over stretched supply lines - just like in WW1, WW2 and now WW3. This means that by placing troops in Central Russia on Full alert he is expecting an attack and these forces in Central Russia will then be used to repel NATO.

The DOD real;ly wants this war and has been advertising for Houston Actors to be hired to put a hit on a Houston Oil Refinery 4-6 July 2014 - the same time frame that is planned to hit the rest of the nation with False Flags a False Flag.

Here is the kicker - they plan on doing this 3 days early - 1 July for Maximum Kill rate. It is a High Satanic Holy Day.

Now let's talk about what is really planned:

Imagine if you will a Guy (Jesuit) walking into a restaurant at 10AM on 1 July with a 50 pound present ready to mail to his "Grand Mother on Water and Wall Street - New York City. He is all happy about his Grand Mothers Birthday. He Puts on a headset and broadcasts on a certain frequency 152Mhx into this box containing a Compressed Titanium Rod that is not nuclear and - Voila - no air drops, no remote controlled planes - an explosion that takes out the entire financial district in New York City.

The Idiot New York Governor removed the public's rights to carry pistols so there is no one left to stop this Jesuit.

The already prepared stories  will be sent to the BBC and CNN ahead of time show a:" White Male NAZI Russian Separatist Extremist Racist Gun Toting America yelling some anti-gay slur" and thenBoom! No New York City Financial District.

A Few days later Nukes -- both Dirty Nukes and Dirty Bombs - go off all across America - the July 4th Surprise.

The Houston and Anacortes Refineries will be hit hard to raise Gas prices.

The dollar falls, the US is at war with Russia, all Federal Reserve Debt is cancelled, all Social Security, VA Disability and Welfare is cancelled, and we have a full scale Nuclear War only the Terrorism is done using Sonoluminescence "Bombs."

The Social Security Offices around the nation are closing - no one to complain to when your income is terminated - yet you will be told: Do not worry, everything will be back on line soon."

Nothing will come back on line - not the banks, not the Social security - nothing.

The Rothchilds could also use these new Bombs to blackmail the world - undetectable little bombs that could eliminate a city in a single blast - or an underground bunker.

Never Forget: Adama, Marduk, Mars, and now Earth.

These people who work for the Rothchilds are sick, perverted, weird - whatever you call them - they are War Mongering Freaks bent on total control.

That is pretty intense but remember - Michelle Obama has an Adams apple, as does the Next Queen of England Kate Middleton. These people are sick.

So now you know the rest of the story.

One last Note: Yet another Banker Died we did not hear about - 6 Zeroes Strikes Again.

None of the deadlines were met by the IMF so now their bankers will die in droves, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

Die well Bankstas - your next life will not be a happy one - so says the King of Your Universe.

OK - Enough, TMI

If you cannot find these references look on whatreallyhappened TODAY.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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