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Friday, June 6, 2014

Seventy Years Since D-Day


Today world leaders celebrated the invasion in Normandy France which spelled the end of the NAZI Regime.

(((Tonight before bed pray - visualize - that GOD rids of NAZI Scum all together)))

Seventy years ago people form nations like Poland, American Canada, England, and dozens of other nations stormed the beaches in Northern France to push back the forces of Fascism and Corporate Totalitarianism.

Engaged in a World War funded by both English and American Elitists like Prescot Bush and the Rockefellars, the world was then embroiled in a war to save humanity from Corporate Chroneyism - Fascism.

President Obama gave a spee"Freedom and Liberty."

Freedom is defined as a state of Liberty - which means you own the land on which you stand - sovereign. No property taxes, if a man breaks into your home at 2AM you may kill him without being charged with murder. You are king n YOUR land.

So President Obama basically read a prepared speech and lied to the public, again.

Seventy years later we find our nation embroiled in world conflict as the NAZI power we fought to terminate and our Head General (General ED Dempsey) is too much of a coward to fix this using his own DOD regulation. Due to ED Dempsey's  Cowardism the as of today 132 nations around the world no longer do business in Federal Reserve Dollars - including Russia, China, Brazil and India.

When the New Bank is built fopr these BRIC nations the Federal Reserve Note will be abandoned completely, leaving only US, NATO and African Nations accepting these notes for payment of debts.

Evil (Lucifer) keeps popping up his ugly head.

On the Full Moon on the 13th (One Week)  the United Nation's Priests will begin praying for Lucifer's Great Teacher to come on this day of Invokation, the last Major Holiday of the New Age of Aquarious.

Tonight we ask for hard, focussed prayer to remove these Fascists from Planet Earth permanently once and for all.

Let us finish what our fathers began 70 years ago and ask the Living GOD to help.

What we did not complete in France we need to now commit to prayer.
The news you are not supposed to have:

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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