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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sonolumonescence -- UN Conference 14 - 15 June 2014 Part 1

There was a very interesting conference for those who are at the heart of the United Nations in London over the weekend and it effects everything you do.

(((((Please pray that you learn)))))

This was a unique conference in that it was held on the last major festival in the first year of the Age Of Aquarious.

Before we continue you must first understand the concept of Sonoluminescence - the creation of suns out of Gas Bubble.

When you look across the vast Galaxy and beyond you see all sorts of things happening - from stars exploding to new stars being formed. We have only just begun t reach out and touch what is out there - I speak knowing full well the real capabilities of our Space Craft.

Look up on You Tube:

1) Blue Origin
2) X-33 Aurora
3) Joint Landing on Mars in 1962

How did it all come about and why are we here?

Sonoluminescence is the science that studies the creation of a sun through sound waves (About 152Mhz) that first explode a bubble then, compress it hard enough to form a sun.

The energy coming from this new sun far exceeds the energy in the Gas Bubble itself - so it is getting energy form a much higher source.

But where?

If you watch the following films you get an idea of what is happening.

The theory is that someone form the 4th Dimension came down here and used these Frequencies to create suns, spin off planets, create life and then imbibe this life with a soul.  This soul then grows form plant to animal and then to Human and then on to who knows.

There are apparently 12 Dimensions and 12 Harmonics (Noise) between each dimension and we are in the 3rd Dimension, First Harmonics.

The Priest Hood of the Malchezedekians can apparently transverse all 12 Dimensions.

As you go up in frequencies the detail of things begins to dissolve until you are pure energy - mind and thought merge at the 3rd Dimension, 9th Harmonics.

The Angelic Realm is the 5th Dimension, GOD being a 6th Dimensional Being.

Lucifer was thrown out of the 5th Dimension clear down to Earth and is aonl able to climb up to the third dimension, 8th harmonics.

Many of Lucifer's Allies (Draconians from Aldeboron, Archons, Moleck's bunch.....) come form the 3rd Dimension, 3rd Harmonics and are real evil stink pots -- feeding off of the Higher Energy created when Humans feel pain or die.  This they create pain and need to be dealt with with Prejudice through Frequencies.

Harp Music disrupts these Evil Spirits - which is why King Saul remained calm as long as little David played the Harp.

I play harp 24/7 at my house and the Drug Dealer hate it. Many have moved away.

Once you fully grasp this concept the UN Conferences make a whole lot more sense.

So watch the Air Bubble turn into suns before your eyes:

Mini-sun created by a Bullet:

A really informative Video:

Pistol Shrimp Creates a mini-sun:

Very Close Up Video:
Once this concept is accepted we can continue.

Please understand that the above science really validates the profits in the Old Testament  (Jews, Christians, Muslims, Zorastrians...) and those from God's Number One Son Yeshua. The maintaining of peace and staying healthy does not allow these higher energy beings (Demons) to stay around.

The best way I know of to get rid of someones demons is to make them healthy and play lots of Harp Music - it disrupts the demons.
So chew on these videos and stick around for Part 2 of the UN Conference.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William B. Mount

Thank You CIA for disrupting the Nuclear False flag advertised on Craig's List to occur in Atlanta yesterday and good luck neutralizing the one scheduled for Friday.

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