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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Reason For The Magnetic Flux

We have discussed the basic precepts that have now lead to the Earth experiencing some real wild and varied Magnetic Fluxes and their relationship to Sonolumunesence.

Remember - there are 12 Dimensions, 12 Harmoncs between each Dimension - we are in the 3r Dimension, 1st Harmonics -- 10 to the 5th and 6th Htz.

(Please pray your mind is opened)

As the Earth passes above the plain of the Milky Way the 7 "Sacred Sounds" - frequencies - are bieng disrupted and we are seeing the results.

As you recall some years ago - 11 Nov 2009 (I believe) - Then newly elected President Obama threw a Cruise Missile Nuke at Omaha Nebraska and it was intercepted - since that date the sun has gone nuts with Magnetic Flux.

We warned Omaha and they were ready - one of the missing 8 Cruise Missiles was shot down and I raised my hands on Live TV and stated that GOD would make the sun break out in Sun Spots. A Few minutes later it occurred.

What happened was a large Cigar Shaped Machine built to stabilize the sun was inadvertently destroyed by the President Obama because no one would close the Omaha military base so he tried to destroy it.
President Obama is utterly Mad and insane with killing.

Five mor times I raised my hands on TV and 5 more times the sun got worse.


Today we see the sun getting even worse and the United Nations headquarters has discussed the 2nd Harmonics crashing into the 1st Harmonics next year - things will go sideways. Without that machine we must face what is coming - this is why the Illuminati wants the war so badly - this planet must be destroyed before the Harmonics crash together or they will be destroyed.

Withing 11 years the United Nations says the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Harmonics should crash into our Harmonics and Planet Earth expands.

So starting tomorrow and lasting for 7 days Homeland Security (Zeig Heil) has planned a series of Grid Take Downs, Presidential Assassination (4 July) and Dirty Nukes going off all across America to be blamed on ---- DUH---- Al Kada.

London - protect under a bridge - nuke, looks like London Bridge - could be one coming in near the Queens Palace as well. Both produce a radioactive signature. Set for just before the 4th.

Obama - same as Bush in 2008, change your 4th speech place, modify your schedule at the last minute. Send in a replacement - get sick, go on vacation but not to Martha Vineyards.

Just remember - the last Head of Homeland Security, the one who planned all of this, is the Chancellor of US Berkeley and is easily reachable by mere students. Her house, as I recall, is over near the Forestry Building.

So go to N3KL.ORG and SOHOWWW and look at the sun tonight and notice the Magnetic Flux.

What we are now facing, Notice the flux in the .5-4.0 Angstroms, below the visible range I believe:


 Current Magnetic Flux?


What we are facing on the 4th, the sun turns to the right and circles every 24 days:


 Pretty Cool:

 So --- wear a magnetic Bracelet and stay indoors as much as possible. If not - wear a hat for sure and put a magnet in your pocket. An old speaker magnet should do or a piece of Magnet off of your Yellow Pages - the adds that stick to your refrigerator are magnetic.

Dr William B. Mount

Only 5 Spell Checks Tonight. Do your best Transvestites of US Army Cyber Command

The IMF is going down.


Each day they ignore GOD it will get worse and worse for them personally.

Play it loud and often:

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