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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SS Stroms Kalispell

The Department of Homeland Security - a Privately owned corporation operating on American Soil - has now massed on the tiny sity of Kalispell, Montana.

(((Please pray that those who sent these thugs are made completely inept by hte living GOD before they can do any more harm)))

The tiny City of Kalispell Montana is the latest recipient of the Homeland Security Troops intended t search out, and destroy, terrorists around the world - terrorists like President Putin of Russia and President Yanakovich of the Ukraine.

Apparently the White and Free American that holds a Bible in one hand, the constitution and bill Of Rights in the other Hand and a pistol n his hip is a threat to t Thugs like US Corporate Attorney General Eric Holder.

Fascism (NAZI) fears freedom and GOD - it is inherent in their nature.

So two days ago the Corporation of the Department (Fascist Agency by definition) massed on Kalispell - a tiny town right in the center of Montana.

The Montana Governor;'s Reaction was: "Huh?"

The "US Corporate" plan here is two fold:

1) Give away all of the land around Hamilton Montana to some Native America Tribe and set up "Plantations" (Obama's Term) and allow manufacturing plants to move in without pollution controls and destroy the land.

2) Hunt down "White Supremesists" - which, according to this corporation,m are Whites that own a  rifle and more than 3 days of food in their pantry ----- we have already seen the FBI Corporate Manuals describing this.

The Department of Homeland Security(SS)  is your enemy. If they come to your home  --- they plan to arrest and kill you.

Call the Local Highway Patrol, film everything and post it on You  Tube, and run like heck.

These Fascist Pigs Hate You.

Anyone who believes you can negotiate with Fascists has a screw loose - do not engage, hide the silver ware run. They will pillage everything they can find.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) GOD says time is up 5PM COB tomorrow. There are no further negotiations.


2) Benjamin Fulford, as well as the rest of the world, now knows that the precepts of the Bretton Woods Agreement are over as of 14 July 2013. Although it was extended by 12 months  by hte US Corporation and the IMF - this means the end comes 14 July 2014 ---- no other nation will extend this contract to these Fascists in the United States Corporation.

My father was in World War 2 and fought the NAZIs and he called them the "Fascist Pigs." That is what they are.

3) Benjamin Fulford has stated that the time is up for the US Corporation. The Federal Reserve Dollar will be denied everywhere for use in purchasing anything around the world and the US Corporate Attempts to Seize African Assets to back the New US Treasury Notes with is also doomed.

((Oops - that was top secret. I temporarily give all readers a Super Duper Top Secret Security Clearance - General Dempsey - and Hague - Your minds leak especially when you drink) )

4) North Eastern Corner outside Moscow Proper - Nuke in tunnels near subways reaady to detonate by English folks.

5) President Putin - in 7-10 days there is a Russian Holiday or celebration you  are scheduled to speak at. Look out over the crowd and on your left --- 11 O Clock - shooter, one rifle, one bullet --- will be spun as a Ukrainian.Second shooter just under him o1 or 2 floors.

Change your location for the speech the day before.

Funded by US DOD with E.D.

6) Another shooting today - ths time in Oreon - white male (No Pictures) - Whte SUpremisist.. At first he had a single shot rifle, then it was an AK47, tehn he yelled hte N word in a mall - the story gets more and more convoluted as time goes on. The cops and victim's parents and victim can all be found at Sandi Hook, Boston and now in Oregon.

7) Remember - another shooting (Fake Shooting)  every 2 days.

8) 15 Jun Assassination Attempt on an Obama Double.

7) Atlanta False Flag 17 June (+- 3 Days)

8) 12 False Flags in US 21 June - see Simpsons TV Program.

9) The Rothchilds (Pope) and other western Bankstas are desperate and are trying everything to get this war started -- nukes, chemical weapons, Illegal Aliens on US Military Posts with nukes, war between China and anyone who will fight, war in Russia.....

10) At the Temple of the UN there will be enormous prayers to bring in Lucifer's Christ at 9:13PM Western Standard Time  - as  the moon wobbles the time of the Full Moon has now changed just in the last 2 days by 2 minutes.

I leave it to you to determine if this is good or bad.

11) GOD is not done yet, the sun today on

The news You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William B. Mount


Thanks APFN - we may win this war yet. GOD may come to our aid. Time will tell.

Tomorrow: maybe the power structure of the Immuminati, including the Rothchilds Round Tables and their religious structure --- or maybe a summary of the UN meetings.

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