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Friday, June 20, 2014

Sonoluminescence And It's Uses


Now that we understand what Sonoluminescence is let us discuss it's uses.

(((Please Pray - Visualize - that the Civilian Uses far outweigh the military uses.)))

Let us first examine the military uses of this newly discovered technology.

1) Highly Powerful Weapons.

When I was in College I took a Metalergy Class. We studied a US Air Craft Carrier Propeller Shaft that exploded in the carrier because it had been constructed with a tiny air bubble in the shaft and when [pressure was applied it expanded - similar to Sonoluminescence - and blew, killing many sailors and completely disabling the Air Craft Carrier fore some time. Knowing this lot us examine it's Uses militarily:

 a) Metal Rod with Air Bubbles Detonated With Sound - using a 9 Volt Battery:

When 152Mhz is applied the air will expand causing a violent explosion equal to a Nuclear Weapon. So I could carry a thermos sized weapon into a stadium, set a timer to send 152 Mhz into the weapon after I was gone for a 1 hour - and - boom. This has already been tried at the last London Olympics but we identified the perpetrator and what he was carrying.

Compression of the metals is caused by huge amounts of electricity passing through a piece of metal - like releasing a large Power Line Capacitor into theses pieces instantaneously - the gravity inside the metal is forced into a state similar to that found one harmonics down and remains there.

Suppose you wished to blow up an airport or train station. You could carry small sized Ball Bearings in, say, a baby carriage. Leave a small radio on in the baby carriage and then leave. Broadcast on hat frequency the 152Mhz and boom. These small ball bearings could literally be scattered across the train to cause the explosion at simultaneous points.

b) This is a Metal Rid with Air Bubble compressed with a large screw.

Suppose a softer metal was compressed with a screw. The resulting pressure on the Air Filed Rod would cause a similar explosion to the Carrier Shaft - A Sort of Non-Nuclear Weapon that is as powerful as a Nuke..

c) Compressed Titanium Rods.

Here Titanium is compressed with Air Bubble it the rod and when dropped form 100,000 feet above it strikes cement, the air bubbles are compressed and the resulting explosion acts much like an Atomic Bomb without the radiation.

 These are what are used in the cloaked X-37 Bravo's now flying above our heads.

Three Compressed Titanium Rods would take out New York City. flatten it like Hiroshima in 1945.

We bring these military uses up to try and educate the world as to exactly what they need to be looking for what we say there is a terrorist attack coming at such and such a place - like New York City on Wall and Water Street soon.

d) he use of these "Frequency Guns" have been used by the CIA/FBI to literally blow the insides of a person up. It appears as if he/she is having a heart attack but instead the air bubbles inside the person literally explode. Less paifil than a Microwave Weapon and the results are instantaneous.

The Old Pen with a dart containing the Bubonic Plague is yesterdays technology - see COINTELCOPRO.

2) Civilian Side: although not as blood curdling exciting it is still very interesting.

a) The creation of Heat and Power. The energy output of the tiny sun far exceeds the input.

Further - now that this technology has been exposed it cannot be unexposed - too many foreign governments read APFN and Pravda.

We have seen the Tacheon Generator, the N-1 Generator and the Water Powered Car -- - but now we have also seen   the Sonoluminescent Energy Generator.

Suppose you cap the test tube you are using to generate the sun - the resulting pressure would run a generator and heat up the surrounding area using ----- water.

No nuclear radiation, no toxic waste - just pure water.

b) Suppose you could buy these Gas Filled Compressed Titanium Ball Bearings. You could place tehm in mines without fear of explosion, clear out the personnel, and then use tiny receivers near the ball bearings and when ready broadcast the 152Mhz and blow the rock with no loss of life.

Times Depayed Receivers would allow the exact blasting of the mines and the controlled demolition of buildings.

No longer would Victor Bout need to sell Marvin Bush 15 tons of Russian CDX explosive to take down the World Trade Centers in controlled Demolition.

You could just drop a few Ball Bearings in key areas and set the tiny sound generators - and - voila ---- another 9/11 without any evidence.

Earthquakes could be caused the same way - especially in areas like Mount Lassen and on the San Andreas Fault Line of off of areas like Fukushima.

Land Mines using these compressed metal rods coated with various plastics would allow the creation of boarders and when violated a Sound Wave Generator would blow the entire field.  A Technology to ensure offensive weapons are no longer used a dream of Gatling when he created his first Gatling Gun.

We digress - but you can see the use of Sonoluminescence in Military and Civilian life is almost unlimited - bringing in energy from a higher harmonics to heat our homes, generate electricity, drill deep into mines to extract more minerals,  and power our ships and space craft.

Next we will describe what went on at the London Headquarters on the United Nations over the weekend - put on by a great bunch of folks.
 According to the latest technology:  Beings from the 4th Dimension came here to the Third Dimension and began broadcasting these 7 "Sacred" sounds to compress Air Bubbles and form suns.

From these suns planets were split apart and the Life Force surrounding these planets was then molded into first plants, then animals, then sentient beings like Humans.

From here we progress up the Vibrational Chain where detail fades and energy rises - until we reach the 3rd Dimension, 9th Harmonics, and then merge with those in the 4th Dimension where energy and latter are one.

Thus it was not a "Big Bang" but a broadcasting of frequencies that made the Milky Way Galaxy.

When hte Earth passes through the Milky Way Magnetic Belt every 36,000 years our 7 sacred sounds are interrupted and out planets, our sun, begin to ever so slowly turn back into gas bubbles - we expand.

This may explain the recent insane activity of the sun and the large numbers of Earth Quakes we are currently experience - we are expanding.

This may also explain why the Moon was 1 1/2 hours late to make a full moon this month.

Thanks to current President the machine to stabilize the sun has been destroyed - idiot - and other methods are now needed to stabilize the sun. Perhaps this is why NASA is firing lasers at the sun as we speak.

Remember - our Earth extends up into the 4th Harmonics and effects all creatures into this arena.

Further - the increased vibrational frequencies we are now experiencing - thus increased aggrevation - are drawing in the higher harmonic creatures like the Archons and Aldebarions (Demons) are making our lives a living hell.

The Old Testament stated we need to do certain laws we must follow to create peace and order not to allow theses creatures into our lives. If we violate these laws we create our own hell on Earth by attracting these Demons.

Sure - we can cast them out but if you keep doing the same old thing they come right back

(((For Example - when Sea Weed and Immusist have a combined Cancer and Heart Disease Cure Rate of almost 99% over10 years  why would anyone use Statins or Cholesterol Reducing Drugs that dissolve your brains and cause enormous amounts of pain?)))

Go To: N3KL.ORG and look at the sun today.

Enough for Now.
The News You Are Not Suppose To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Triple Spell Checked - do your best US Army Cyber Command.

The people at the top who read this understand why you mess with me.

Remember the plans for the First US VRILian Craft I showed on TV?

Iran built one a year later.

What do you suppose will happen to this technology now that the cat is out of the bag?

By the way - the Deadline for the IMF is over - they will fall apart now, massive infighting - GOD will now tear them asunder. Thou shalt not steal from GOD's Messenger now from Dr. Sir Will P. Wilson, Orthodox Priest of St Petersburg, Russia.

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