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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Attack on America's Power Grid


While most of you were sleeping yet another attack on America's Power Grid Occurred - this time in Arizona.

(((Please pray - visualize hard - that those paying for these attacks are destroyed immediately)))

The attacks on America Power Plants are growing - just like we stated last December that they would.

This latest attack was very professional as the Alarm System was disabled and a bomb placed near some key transformers. Fortunately they did not do the kind of damage they could have.

Immediately following the attacks the FBI one again moved in with record speed -  being able to get out of bed and arrive at the Power Sub Station at a remarkable 1,000 miles per hour and in Force.

Local Sheriffs were told by the FBI to get out and leave the investigation to the "Professionals."

As in all cases films of the terrorists faces vehicle license numbers were seized by the FBI and no arrests were made.

Of course - there were no witnesses to the incident either that the FBI allowed to talk to the local police either. How convenient for the FBI, right?.

Just like the head of Homeland Security (SS) stated before she left: "We Will Take down The Grid. We have done it twice in two different ares now we will test the entire grid."

May I suggest you be prepared?

Who's Responsible For The Latest Attack on America's Power Grid? | The Daily Sheeple
For those of you who think the FBI is doing a god job - I get weekly updates. Every single bust in the last year (Except one) has been for those who had "Child Pornography" on their computers."

In the latest bust the FBI stated the "Criminal" had 7 Terrabites of Porn Pictures on his PC - which had a 500 Gig drive. The FBI lied.

What the FBI is doing is taking down those in their Human Sacrificing Cults who want out. They know too much.
For You Intel Geeks: Is This Loud Enough for You?

This country is in deep trouble - this morning the US Corporate Supreme Court ruled against Argentina?

It turns out that the Hedge Funds (Which are Illegal) have been in the business of lending Governments money at high interest rates - it is called Extortion - and now this is supported by the US Corporate Court System.

What will happen is if Argentina does not comply?

Their leaders will be killed by US Corporate Plain Clothed Soldiers funded through the IMF - since the IMF now owns the US DOD.

So what prompted this extortion?

Argentina joined the BRIC Nations and refuses to buy any more useless US Debt  and the US Corporation under the IMF is ready to kill to bring them back in ---- and Kill they will.

As for these Illegal Hedge Funds:

1) About 1/3rd are in Europe
2) About 1/3rd are in America
3) 1/3rd are in the Carribean - Grand Caymen Islands - An English Colony
4) A small amount are scattered across the world

So hunker down America. I will not put these warnngs out forever.

The latest thing US Cyber Command is doing is erasing half of my stories on my Blogspot so you may be reading a story and it makes absolutely no sense.

The intended target is Foreign Governments and I am sure they get these warnings as soon as they are published and then print them out before the US DOD hacks them up.

So bare with me.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

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