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Thursday, June 12, 2014

UN Broadcast 12 June 2014

UN Broadcast 12 June 2014

This was one of the most remarkable broadcasts I have ever heard.

(((Please Pray that you take away form this what you are supposed to.)))

For those critics - I have been through the Bible many many times and that is in Greek and Hebrew - the way it was written. I have also read many of the books the Roman Pope cast off and would not allow into the scriptures. I have also been through the Koran and in Abram 28 it states: First there were the Profits, then Yeshua, then GOD had so say it all over again with Mohammed. 

Please understand that these broadcasts are taken with those beliefs as a foundation.

Please also understand that most Muslims and Christians have never fully read the Bible or Koran in it's Original Language and therefor have a hard time understanding these books.

With that in mind:

The Broadcast began asking the question: What would happen is The Christ, Yeshua, came back today with all his Flames and Glory in this day of Mass media and Instant News?

Would there be Mass Paranoia, Hysteria, Panic, Collapse of the Financial System?

This Day Of Good Will Celebration today is the last Main Holy Day of the year for the New Group Of World Servers - on the Full Moon that happened around 1 hour ago.

By the way - nothing happened - business as usual.

"The Sun Came Up and the Sun Went down."

For a little explanation for those of you who are new:

There are 12 Dimensions with 12 Harmonics between each Dimension. 

The Beings from the 4th Dimension came to the 3rd Dimension and used 7 "Sacred" Sounds (Vibrational Frequencies) to cause Gas Bubbles to form Suns and then spun off the suns to form planets and thus "Life."

As the Earth enters the Age Of Aquarious the Solar System passes up and through the upper regions of the Milky Way Galaxy and through some pretty stupendous Magnetic Interference - that interferes with these 7 Sacred Sounds.

As these frequencies are interrupted they cause the Earth to not only expand (To Some Degree) but to also allow the barriers between the various harmonics to begin to collapse.Also - our sun goes a little nuts.

These changes not only cause Great Earth Changes but we begin to see the beings from the higher harmonics and into the IR and UV spectrums.

The immense energies now associated with thunder storms and Hurricanes are associated with the Increased Energies associated with these barriers coming down.

In many areas the Life Forms from the Higher Harmonics (Many are very large) are now being seen in clouds and in the storms.

This increased energy and rise in frequency is causing some pretty interesting things to occur - the Middle East is falling apart, what was is being brought down in preparation for what is to come.

The year of 2015 is the United Nations Year Of Light - remember, like Dr Will P Wilson says on the All Day Live TV Show - All Matter is light that has been slowed down.

It is estimated that by the year 2025 the 4th Harmonics will merge with the 6th Harmonics they will have all have some down to this Physical Plane. In other words - life is about to get really really exciting.

There are structures all across this Solar System that are being build in Higher Harmonics that will aid in this crashing together of the higher Harmonics.

The thousands of Pyramids here on Earth have something to do with this change since the Earth sems to do this every 36,000 years.

To put it in plane English - the 3rd Dimension is collapsing because the 7 frequencies have been disrupted and we will be pulled up into the 4th Dimension. Life is going to get a bit strange.

Here in the energy of Gemini things you have been hoping for happen - here is where we can do things on the Physical Plane we have been designing on higher planes.

We must learn Pure Reason without Emotion, to think with "Intelligent Love." This is what the New World Teacher will come to teach us.

The coming Christ will teach us how to live in these higher Harmonics and create a New Earth through using these new tools available when as these energies rise. Those tied into these energies will begin to literally Glow as they reach the higher energies in their bodies. They will act as Conduits and literally draw this energy down form above.

These Planetary Crisis caused by these rising energies will bring about a temporary Caos and then there will be a Divine Order that will be established by the Divas (Spirits) that come with the merging of the different planes in the Harmonics.

The Third Eye is opened when you use not only your Pineal Gland but also your Petuitary. You must form a Shield of White Light and merge these two glands to use this eye.

So now the United Nations will begin to change it's way of reaching out to Younger People as the energy rises and the Vail Is Torn Asunder  between this physical plane and the energy planes.

I would like to thank those at the United Nations who entrusted me with writing this brief summery of the Broadcasts today.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William B. Mount

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