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Saturday, June 21, 2014

The White House Is Very Busy Today


The staff at the White House is very, very busy today.

(((Please Pray - visualize - that the Evil of those in the White House comes back on their heads 1,000 times immediately)))

The Staff at the White House is busy indeed determining who to kill and where to create war. Here is a partial list of what they wish to do:

1) Recently they have tried to kill President Putin. Apparently they are not one big happy family at the top but are filled with hate and fear - a sign Lucifer rules the roost.

2) If you read Sorcha you will see a story where President Obama just met with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and in order to sell them $60 Billion in Jets the US President agreed to kill 175 Saudi Homosexuals.

Apparently President Obama gets the Commission for selling these weapons.

3) Syria - kill Assad. If really wanted Assad dead he would have killed him. What he wants is War.

I spoke with a veteran sniper who had Sadam Hussein in his sights 5 times at the Badgad Palace and was ordered 5 times not to pull the trigger. The Idea is War, not killing the leaders. HE obeyed because he had 2 years left to retire and did not wish to stop the war but to retire.

4)  Iraq - Oil -  the Leader of Iraq apparently is now allowing these US/UK and French  Citizens to lead attacks on Iraqi Oil Refineries - time for PM Maleki to go away with prejudice.

President Obama Quotes:

12 June 2014: I Will Not Send Troops To Iraq
15 June 2014: I will send  100 US Troops to Iraq to guard the Embassy
18 June: I will send 250 US Special Forces to Iraq
20 June: I Will Send US "Advisors" to Iraq

Without any Forces of Arms Agreements there is no knowing what this idiot in the White House will do - and how far he will go. He was not smart enough to create one.

Preisdent Bush left the White House with 40 "Forces of Arms Agreements".

President Obama has none - Zero. His advisors do not even know what one is. This means that anything goes depending on how he feels at the time. No guidance - just pure emotions. No stability - pure chaos. A key to Fascist Leadership.

Just a note about Weapons of Mass Destruction - Iraq had plenty. What do you think killed out Gulf War Vets - Duh?

I have film after film of Nuclear, Biological, and chemical weapons (As do hundreds of thousands of people) sold to Sadam and Senator Reigel put out THREE US Senate Reports on these weapons.

Many of these weapons went to Syria but Russia has destroyed most of them by now.

5) Venezuela - Cocaine -  Apparently the head of this nation is allowing Rebel Forces to burn CIA Cocaine Fields - so he must die as well.

6) Egypt -Guns -  apparently the Egyptian Government is buying weapons form Russia and htis must be changed - so quietly either bribe him or kill him.

7) Libya - Oil -  The oil from Libya is now being sold using the Russian Rubble and Chinese Yuan. Although the US Carrier Groups are sending ships back into port to redo the trade in US Dollars they cannot stop every oil tanker. Thus the leadership in Libya must again die to re-instate the US Dollar.

8)  Iran - Oil - - they are selling oil not on the US Dollar and the Rothchilds get no 5% Commission based on the Swift Account Trade of foreign currencies - so again, the US/UK is interfering with Oil Shipments from Iran by orders of the Rothchilds.

9) Argentina - Oil - This nation was put into Bankruptcy once 13 years ago and filed bankruptcy. When the World Bank re-established their Government Accounts they again established useless Departments and Agencies that have once again destroyed the economy of Argentina.

So their Preisdentee' joined the BRIC nations.

Argentina has, just off shore near the Falkland Islands - huge deposits of Oil. Yup - and lots of high grade oil. Unfortunately for the Argentina People the UK/US has successfully stopped the Argentinians from harvesting and selling  of their oil. The Oil deposits make Saudi Arabia look tiny.

After 50+ years in the oil business there is no such thing as a real Oil Shortage - only a created one.

OK - You get the point. President Obama's Staff is busy killing to control everything for the Rothchilds.
For You Intel Geeks

1) Putin is not safe until you Bag these snipers. They cannot come home until Pres Putin is dead and when they do kill Putin they will come home sand themselves be killed to cover up the evidence. The best thing these snipers can do is either turn themselves in and go public of disappear.

2) The IMF is failing - they did not meet their 12 June 5PM deadline. They will continue to fail. so they need a Nuclear War. Their Great WHite Spirit Brotherhood lied to htem.

3) The US/UK again ready to supply this war by torching off Dirty Nukes and Dirty Booms in the US using:
 "Iraqi Al Kada Inspired Russian Sunni Gehadist Anti Western White NAZI terrorists."

3) These Nuts in the White House will try to create a Syncapedic Simultaneous Synergistic Detonations of a combination of Dirty Nukes and Dirty Bombs at certain locations to correspond with certain calendar days relevant to their astrology.

Some of these bombs are meant to destroy entire cities while some are just meant to create panic and Marshal Law.

This New Pearl Harbor (9/11) must be so big that everyone will rat out their neighbors for a Quart of Barley.

Probable Targets include:
   a) London near a Prominent Bridge - South Western Side.
   b) Still - the Red Light District of Atlanta - Dirty Bomb
   c) Houston Oil Refinery as shown as the US DOD Advertises for "Crisis" Actors needed at the refinery
   d) I quit for now - You figure out the rest.

Please Consider - the Rothchilds New US Middle East Map Proposed by the DOD:

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Tripple spell Checked. DO your best US Army Cyber Command.

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