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Monday, June 23, 2014

Here Comes The UN Gun Grab

Here it comes - the UN Gun Grab as supported by the White House Rats.

 Like it or not, you need to know who and why the UN leaders think the way they do.

(Please pray that the system fails to take your guns)

The new video clearly shows that the UN s advertising for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officers -DDRs.

The role of these DDRs will be to take your guns and reintegrate you into society if you believe in individual freedoms. You are a threat to these Idiots in the White House.

In the second video President Obama Double #3 clearly states that you are too small minded to run your own affairs.

You can o longer hide - it is here - the Chipping of babies, confiscation of guns, FEMA Camps the VA is now switching from taking care of vets to taking care of FEMA (DOC) Guards. Go - see for yourself.

The liberals believe YOU are stupid and ignorant and have no rights. Watch and weep.

About two weeks ago Preisdent Putin went to the Monistary norht of Saint Petersbugr Russia. There he was given a vision where Russia destroyed America.

Let us expound on this vision he had. In the vision he was taken above the Earth and shown the entire world. He was given a series of events that would occur and then shown Russia destroying America. It involved a series of events: Many Former Russian Nations will rejoin Mother Russia in an economic zone (Free Trade Zone), the US would be led into turmoil by the Illegal Alien in the White House, and Putin would then be forced to take out the US Corporate Command and Control Systems. America will suffer greatly, as will most of the world. Russia, however, who has maintained the morals and dogmas of the Old Testament, will then lead the world.

Already his visions are becoming reality as 2 more former Soviet Provinces have asked to rejoin the great "Soviet" economic System." and the New US Speaker of the house is rejecting the US International Trade Bank in favor of nothing. (Wall Street Journal This Morning) This means US trade is in turmoil as you read this. In other words - those in DC are ready to take America down.

I would give more information but the rest is pretty personal and gives names in succession for the Mighty Bear - who should rule after Putin, Who he can trust, etc.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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