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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Illegal Aliens To Be Housed at Military Bases With Nukes

Illegal Alien Housing at Military Bases with Nukes?

So much for Security

In another insane move allowed by teh US Corporate President hte Department of Homeland security (SS) has decided to house Illegal Alien Minors on US Military Bases at the cost of $92,000 per child per year.

(((Please pray that the US Corporation oges away quickly)))

You are reading htis right.

Apparently about 50,000 children (12-17) are put on planes and flown to America every month and rather than sending them home the Welfare Departments have been ordered to find them homes and give out welfare.

So - let is say you have 6 "Illegal Alien Foster Kids" that are now being housed for free on a Military Base with Nuclear Weapons. Your take home pay (I used to know a gal that did this) will be about $300,000 per year tax freed plus free medical, housing, utilities, taxes, etc.

In addition - since the money is not considered taxable (It's For The Children) you will also get food stamps, AFDC, WIC and numerous other programs not available to White AMericans like Free College Tuition.

The real problem is security - on a base with Nuclear Weapons to import 17 year old Illegal Aliens is not only stupid but if an accident happens could torch off a Nuclear War.

Imagine a 16 year old Iranian "Child" walked up to the entrance to the Nukes on Fort Lewis and typed in the address backwards - the door opens and he has access. Now - since Fort Lewis is issuing DD Form 2s for children (Not Children's ID cards) he would just show his ID to the guards and pass through. The kid, carrying a Cherry Bomb in his pocket, places it in the top of an Old Davey Crocket Nuke """In The Name Of Allah""" and - KABOOM!  World War 3 begins.

What I have just described to you has happened on US bases that did not have nukes - but no one is talking about this.

This is what evil does - it places a guy who lives behind me who raped a 13 year old girl, another 13 year old girl, another 13 year old girl, and a 14 year old girl and flat out killed someone for fun and was only arrested for  having $100,000 of illegal drugs (Oxycotton) in his possession, sent to prison for 1 year and got  out and moved in with a 12 year old girl and has an arsenal of guns. The Cops know - a neighbor called the detectives every week for over a year and talked about him.

Now these illegal alien "Children"  are here in America thanks to Barrack Obama and his Drag Queen - she has an Adams Apple.

By next year America will receive over 10,000 per month and rather than outlawing this thing we will give them welfare.

So - we pray.

Let GOD handle it.

The system is evil, it is collapsing - let it go.

The Good News is that the rest of the world does not want a Full Scale Nuclear War and after the creation of their BRIC National Banking System is likely to arrest those who are trying to kill us all.

So - keep lots of Sea Weed, rice stored in Diatamateous Earth (Won't Get Bugs That Way) and and Immusist  in your house and when the Nukes FLy you will be prepared.

Do not let the "Dianne Fienstien Snitch Bill" ruin your day. She carries a 380 in her purse by the way.

Hide your Guns and Ammo, Food, Toilet Paper, Gold and Silver  and  when confronted by local police to turn these items in to them - just state you haver none.

Let GOD deal with them - that's what he gets paid for.

When the Lucifarians (Satanists) call on their Great Teacher to come on the Full Moon this month - realize who he is and pray GOD does not let him touch you.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William Mount


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