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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Here We Go Again - This Time China

Here we go again. Another created war by the great United States Corporation, as ordered by David Rothchilds.

(Please pray that they fail at formenting this war in China)

As you recall last fall and winter we discussed the US funding of a war in a region that has historically been very peaceful - the area between Mongolia and Kazakhstan - the Chinese state of Xinjiang.

Here in Northern Xinjing the region is poor and  primarily agricultural and very stable. People tend to live in large family groups and are inclined to know everyone in the area so when a new person shows up in a tiny town every one know them.

For the last year (Actually three years) the United States has not only been transporting weapons and explosives up from Afghanistan from US Bases (By Direct Order Form The White House) - which openly sell US Tax Payers weapons to anyone with cash - they are also transporting them into a base high in the mountains just north and a little East of the region between Mongolia and Kazakhstan using US Air.

Trace the Phone Calls Russia/China from the Afghan Embassy to the US State Department, US Major Military Bases to the White House and from the Afghan President to the US Ambassador there ---- trace the Satellite Feed.

Many readers criticized me horribly - but most are paid by the DOD and are too afraid to use their real names.

This is now our DOD - run by Cowards and manned by Cowards - except the Combat arms.

So now this little bit of speculation has reached the FRONT PAGE of the Wall Street Journal.

The US is trying to create another state in North Western China/Russia to run their military out of to help destabilize Russia and China and cut China's Oil Supplies from Russia and the regions just south of Central Russia.

The war the US Corporation has been ordered to start involves -- YES - Muslims vs every one else. All of a sudden lots of folks who speak Arabic and English are showing up in this area to explain to these Chinese the Benefits of killing your neighbors their brothers and sisters they grew up with.

Now suddenly some "Muslims"  are going crazy and killing people.  It has nothing to do with hte drugs they were fed by these Agents -- I mean Clerics.

Within the last year the Chinese Government has arrested 380 people trying to kill people for "Allah", 315 people hauling explosives and seized 3.15 tones of explosives --- that's about 6,300 pounds of explosives - enough to make about 13,000 Pipe Bombs.

Somebody to the south in Afghanistan, and to the North, is running these explosives into China to destabilize the region an we know exactly who that one is don't we Russian, Chinese and US Intelligence?

What is more amazing is the openness of the US selling these Guns, ammo and explosives in the US bases in Afghanistan is.

OK - so a bunch of Yak Herders are killing each other with US made Guns and Explosives half way around the globe, right?

Well guess what - it really does matter. Today 133 nations have declared the UK/US led Economic System and enemy and signed a document to destroy us - that's about 5.5 Billion people.

The only reason Japan did not sign on this document is that the US has been the primary supplier of Oil and Weapons to Japan since 10 years before the Russian/Japanese war in 1905. Yup - these were US made, and designed, ships that sunk the Russian fleet in 1905, US made and designed ships that bombed pearl Harbor using US Crude Oil, and is now US made and designed ships opposing China.

China and Russia - provide Japan with an alternate energy source and weapons and they will dump the US like a Hot Potato.

By the way - we have already given the next nations the US Corporation has been ordered to kill their leaders and destroy their countries. GOD is never wrong.

A Note To Pope Francis:

1) I personally informed you staff of those ripping both the IMF and Vatican Bank (And Thus You) of billions of dollars. This was given to me from the Living GOD.  If you wish to try and kill the Living GOD for being a Snitch - be my guest.

2) For the Vatican - and Pope Francis - this was a test. You were required to take certain actions directly after these complaints were filed and you and your organizations did not.

3) The King of Kings and Lord of Lords has stated that you have failed you test - you refused to obey your own regulations and laws YOU set in place. Now he will tear you, and your organization, a new rear end. This includes the 5 families in Italy that run the Vatican.

4) GOD has actually show me part of what HE will now do - but that is for you to worry about. The longer you wait to follow your own rules and regulations the worse it will get, for all for you - so HE has said it and so it shall be.

Just remember one thing Vatican:


Do as HE has asked or HE will destroy you: so HE has said it, so it shall be.
For The Intel Geeks:

1) The US/UK funded Sunni Murderers in Iraq have now threatened to bring their murderers to London and the UK/US tighten their grip on Gun Control. This means that the Politicians (Primarily the House of Lords) are the primary targets and no one can protect them.

2) In fact it was reported by one source that they may indeed bring in a Nuke and torch the entire city.

3) If London goes away then New York becomes the primary world Financial House - think about it David Rothchilds and Queen of England really hard.

4) When is YOUR next major holiday - do I make myself perfectly clear?

5) You have disarmed your own people - there is no body left to stop a terrorist in your nations since all the Patriots are without pistols?

6) A nuke blasts up into the 4th Harmonics, does it not?

7) Can we say - sonoluminescence and a compressed titanium rod with air bubbles that is already under the city ready to be used that all your horses and all your men cannot find at the present time?

8) Is there anything left between your ears my dear 15th Cousin (God Help Me) Queenie Elizabeth and your Grandson William Mount?

9) May I highly suggest you and your won make those who can help you very, very happy since time is not on your side?
As For My Criticism on The Net: The only thing worse then people talking bad about you is them not talking about you at all.

By the way - I applaud folks who are Man enough to stick to their guns and use their real names like Dr Will P Wilson, Patrick Sullivan and I am happy to stand by them  because they are men.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

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