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Friday, June 13, 2014

Richard Rockefallar (Banksta) Dies In Plane Crash

Richard Rockefeller Dies

I am sorry to say that yet another Banksta has bitten the dust. This time Richard Rockefellar.

(((Please pray that these folks have their eyes opened before it is too late)))

This morning Richard Rockefellar was taking off in his Piper PA 46 Turbo Prop when it lost power and crashed into some trees just outside of a New York Airport. Out of 351 built only 19 have crashed.

Richard had attended his father's (David Rockefellar) 99th Birthday Party and was headed home when his plane swerved down into the trees.

Richard was on the Board of Directors for both the Rockefellar Trust Funds and Doctors without boarders.

Richard was a devotee of the Doctors without Boarders, helping to raise funds to vaccinate people around the world with the "Bill Gates Vaccinations."

I have met several doctors form Doctors Without Boarders and they are completely devoted to helping people all around the world regardless of the conditions. They ignore politics. It is a shame that their leadership is corrupt.

Richard was also a man who not only taught Medicine at a University but openly opposed the "Cures" that would have effectively ended Cancer, Heart Disease, Malaria, HIV.

Yesterday the 5PM deadline ended for the IMF and it's Bankstas to do what GOD had asked them to do and they were told that they were now in GOD's Hands.

I am not told what the Living GOD will do to these Bankstas on a case to case basis - but this  appears to be the First Casualty in what may be a long line of deaths associate with GOD's work. What I believe you will now see is GOD severely disciplining these Bankstas for ignoring HIM.

The Rockefellar's control the North American Finances for the Rothchilds and Richard was set to inherit this role when his 99 year old father dies.

I am sorry for the loss and even more sorry that those who could have followed GOD's request but chose not to - Richard was at the top of the Food Chain on this one so GOD took out the Top Dog.

On paper they own nothing --- but they control everything through Irrevocable Living Trusts

What happens now is up to GOD, but if I were the Bankstas I would be very, very afraid. Their Chief just died.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William B. Mount

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