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Saturday, June 21, 2014

UN Conference 14-15 June 2014

UN Conference 14 - 15 June 2014

Please pray you get what you are supposed to get out of this. Whether you agree with these ideas  or not - this is what the World Leaders believe so it is very important that you understand this.

The Conference was held UN London in celebration of the last Major Holy Day for the UN - the Great Day of Invokation and the Day of Goodwill for the First Year in Aquarious.

The conference focus was really on coming together as a group and using the Group Conciousness to draw in energies from above - the Higher Harmonics.

Now that you understand Sonoluminescence one can comprehend, at some level,  that as the Earth passes through this Magnetic Influence the Harmonics will begin to come together. By 2015 the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Harmonics will join with the First harmonics and we will see incredible things.

Many who are associated with the Lucis Trust have had Out of Body Experience (OBE) and thus describe the higher harmonics in various ways. I have never done this so all I can do is learn.

One way is to say that as one climbs the Harmonics and Fire begins to enter these Harmonics. Since we are increasing in Vibrational Frequency as we climb the Fire will feel cool to the touch.

I believe they are trying to prepare us for what is coming in terms if the Harmonics crashing down on us. If we have no fear as we see this then their will be no hate shown to us. If we fear and hate uit will be heaped on our heads like Hot Coals.

Jesus said: I do not insult for criticize Lucifer, only GOD does this. To criticize and fill your hearts with hate is not a good idea.

(((((Yes - there are times when those who transgress from GOD's Word need to be killed or banished - but the killing must be done without hate --- they broke the law, they must be banished or killed. Period. This is why the Old Testament is in Black and White - no Wiggle Room no room for useless emotions and the killing was to be done swiftly.)))))

The most remarkable speaker talked about the Firey Paintings of  Nicholas Roerick's paintings. These depict this planet form a higher harmonics - fiery, yellow in color, details merging into one another.

Apparently much of the art work in the world is painted by those who are revealing what it looks like at the higher Harmonics.

What is most remarkable here is the amount of detail we find in every aspect of life - from the details of a leaf to the details of metal grains. Here ion htis plain matter is completely separate form energy. The two do not merge.

Finally - as the Harmonics Converge we shall see the coming of the New World Christ and Teacher emerge through our Heart Centers and enter this world in Love to teach us hos to climb the Spiritual Ladder up into the 4th Dimension.

That us a brief summary of the 2 day UN Conference in London.

It was primarily a time to come together and meditate during the Full Moon - which was 90 Minutes Late.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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