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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Obama, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler's Tactics Exposed

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  1. Dear Dr. Mount. I love your daily emails and appreciate your willingness to connect with you audience. I recently watched "The Greatest Story Never Told" about Hitler and was shocked to realize it could be right...the largest smear campaign in the world was after Himler destroyed Hitler after selling out to US and Britain. Hitlers National Socialist movement was not what was told to the world..he was trying to save the white race from the forces threatening to eliminate it as we see in Germany still today with the refugees. So here's a link...I think it must be time for the truth to be exposed as part of putting the dark forces in their place! The documentary really does have amazing footage and this site explains some things for you to consider:

    I continue to be your faithful fan!
    Sue Tjernlund