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Monday, December 7, 2015

Breaking News - School Shooting In Florida Minutes Ago

Breaking News - School Shooting In Florida - 2 shooters captured, 1 on the run.

This came to me from a teacher at the school - it was not "Suspicious Activity" like the police and school stated "Officially."

See the video for more details:

Breaking News - Schools Shooting In Florida Minutes Ago - YouTube

Since there was no official News Release by the Wall Street Journal "BEFORE"he shooing (Like the last 5) then it is likely not one of Obama's 12 planned shootings before he eliminates the Bill of Rights.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Please Pray (Visualize) that those who are destroying America are completely and immediately immobilized for life and that all of their plans fail.

Pray also that America wakes up and begins to arm itself and take classes on Proper Use of Guns - that they train themselves for what Obama has planned.

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