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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


As you have just finished reading, the Masons had planned this coming World War 3 since since at least the turn of the century.

The Great White Brotherhood of Bohemia in Germany is very powerful and has been running this world since before most of us were even thought of.

There things they did not count on: Nuclear Weapons, the Internet and GOD.

As for the first tow they think they have a good handle on it - but they cannot control GOD.

These Great White Brothers (Refers to their Guiding Spirit Auras) does have an inclining of how GOD works, for example: if they Bless God's Children they will be blessed and if they curse GOD's children they will be cursed.

hey have not, however, given up their desire to create WW3.

In the next video we will hear form General Wesley Clark of how the White House planned these Middle Eastern Wars long ago:

The next article is from PRAVDA and actually reveals the US Sate department Emails stating that the US State department is responsible for creating, and fermenting, this "Revolution" in Syria.

In other words - Your White house - your Tax Payer Dollars were used purposely kill Iraqis, Syrians, Iranians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Pakistani's.... all for the purpose of helping create WW3.


Last week the Pentagon was discussing when to pull US troops out or Iraq - yes - Iraq. The US still has troops in Iraq.

This not?

I recently spoke with a guy deploying to Iraq - yes, Iraq.

President Obama lied to you - or maybe it was one of his doubles.

Either way - YOUR tax payer dollars are being used today to kill Iraqi Civilians.

If a nation wishes to be free of a Revolution they will need to remove the diplomatic missions from their nations of the following nation states: US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and perhaps Germany and the Czeck Republic were the Great White Brotherhood is centered

We American's are sorry for the actions of the US Corporation and the actions of these Occupiers from DC (London) are in no way representative of how we American's really feel.

We Americans ask the world, and the Living GOD, to remove these invaders from our land and return the Republic you stole in 1871. There are not that many of them and only a Foreign Intel Agency could surgically remove them. Only then can we enter this new age in peace.
For You Intel Geeks: Look Up

I have heard TV and Radio Talk SHow Hosts state hte SOlar Maximum is over.

I have read that this Sun Activity is slowing.


Note the X Class Flare:

Note the Electron Flux

Note the Proton Bursts - Protons mean weight - Volcanoes go off, earthquakes occur the day after these bursts and we are about to get a doozy:

Note all the stuff flying around the sun - you will not like what is coming in 12 days either::

The Sun will calm down when GOD says the sun will calm down, an not one minute sooner.
Please pray that you are able to batten down the hatches.

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