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Friday, January 3, 2014


Wed Jan 1, 2014 14:32

War is the ultimate discipline of any Government. If it can meet the challenge of war it can survive. The goal here is to expand the nations debt and make it a slave of the Rothchilds (Bauers) and thus the Great Brotherhood of the Bohemians, followers of BEL (Dagon), GOD of the Masons, whom Daniel defeated in the Persian Empire and had to spend some time in a lions den for these actions.

In early 1910 the British and American Banks were busy lending money to the Europeans for their construction of War Materials with the Ultimate Goals of the destruction of the Russian Tsar, a Non Mason, and the initiation of Communism, Nazism and Zionism.

In 1912 the GREAT WAR began with the Balklan States throwing out the Ottoman Empire form most of Europe.

Hostilities continued off and on until the Arch Duke (Head Duke) of Austria was murdered by his own troops while riding in a car in a parade. You may watch this execution on You Tube. Alliances came forth and Voila - World War 1.

Prior to, and during, this GREAT WAR secret societies were established by the Rothchilds in Moscow by the British under the control of "THE ROUND TABLE" that were to stir op discontent among the people against the TSAR and towards a new concept called Communism.

Agitators were paid to print literature advocating the new religion called Communism and large sums of money were used to pay rioters.

For example, it was seen that British Agents were seen handing out 25 Rouble Notes to the Russian Pavlovski Regiment a few hours before it mutinied and joined the Revolutionary Guard.

Documents clearly showed that on this occasion the British Ambassador to Russia (George Buchanan, a Rothchilds Banker) was responsible for this incident - an incident that was repeated all over Russia during the Russian Revolution. An incident that has repeated thousands of times throughout history - IE, the recent bombing in Russia in Stalingrad 2 days ago,

The "THE ROUND TABLE" agents from America did not have the luxury of using a Diplomatic Cover like the British. These Rothchild's Bankers came disguised as members of the American Red Cross. Men like J.W. Andrews, Ray Robbins, Allen Wardell, and D Hayword Hardy - all Wallstreet Bankers - were part of this "American Red Cross Mission. and were actually American Wall Street Financiers and High Ranking Masons.

Under the guise of the Red Cross funded the new revolutionary government with whatever they needed - arms, munitions, food, gold - whatever was required to eliminate the Tsar of Russia. It could all be transported either through Leningrad of Vladivastok and then sent via the Trans Siberian Rail Road.

US Tax Payers Dollars were thus funneled into Russia with the direct authority of US President Wilson, another High Ranking Mason.

On 17 July 1917 the Tsar of Russia, Cousin of the King the 5th of England, was rushed out of Russia on a train and a story was fabricated about his family being executed. His family fled like rats and this new Communist Government. This is something I learned in a briefing and an Ambassador and is not common knowledge.

The "ROMAN"offs fled primarily to America where most of their wealth was stripped by the JP Morgan (Rothchilds) banking family and was transferred to both England and America. In other worlds - Russia was stripped of her wealth by the Rothchilds (Bauers).

(((((In the defense of the Revolution, my experience with the ROMANoffs is that they are one arrogant, mean bunch.)))))

The Communists then immediately sued for peace and Germany accepted a treaty and began transferring troops Westward to fight the French.

With the planned sinking of the Lusitania and the killing of over 100 Americans the America entered this GREAT WAR.

At the end of The Great War the United States demanded all treaties between Germany and Russia be terminated and new treaties be implemented. Both the German Government and the Russian Government agreed to the American Conditions.

The story does not end there.

The Real Prize in this conflict lay in St Petersburg Russia - "Emperor Constantine" and the "REAL King of Malta", who held in his thrown all of the "Organic Blessings" of Europe in his breast.

The French and English occupation of Arch Angel Russia (Our Allie) occurred 2 August 1918. The next month the British marched 100 miles south and occupied Obezerskaya and established a base of operation.

For almost a year the British and French fought the Russians. The RAF continually harassed Russian Troops (Our Allies?) and the British Tanks came within 12 miles of St. Petersburg.

The leadership of St Petersburg, still being the Capitol of Russia, agreed to set up an ambush for the British and French and joint the new Communist Government in exchange for St. Petersburg remaining as Russia and the REAL control of the New Soviet Union remain in this capitol. The Communists, now under Lenin, agreed and the British and French were defeated soundly.

It took Russia almost 9 more months to push these French and British invaders out of Russia but in the end the US sent troops to evacuate these War Weary French and British from this invasion. In fact, most of the French had been at war for so long (1914-1919) that they threw their rifles down and simply walked back to their northern base for evacuation. The US lost 244 men on this little outing.

So in the end St Petersburg remained Russia and a new royalty was established without the knowledge of the public and the Real King of Malta remained untouched by the English and the Masons.

The revolution continued in Russia until October 1922 when all of the various states were re-consolidated and Japan withdrew 70.000 troops from Eastern Russia under the threat of war.

In 1924 a new leader emerged in Russia when Lenin died named Joseph (Losif Visarionovoch) Stalin - a good and faithful Mason loyal to the Grand London Masonic Lodge and the Rothchilds (Bauers). Germany really did win this war.

Joseph Stalin later hired a food taster who became a close friend who bore a son named "Vladimir Putin" - who became a law student in 1970 and a Mason.
Fast forward to 2014 -

Vladimir (President) Putin's Mason membership made him loyal to the Babylonian Gods he was unable to inherit any of these Organic Blessings held in St Peterburg when he was chosen to become President in 1999 by the Russia Leadership, IE Boris Yeltsin.

These Blessings that he could not hold, which made Russia so powerful and Europe a Power House, were then the transferred to a Non-Russian (He could therefor not be a Mason and must be loyal only to the Living GOD) who then left Russia and Europe and thus began the economic downfall starting 11 October 2007.

Although this individual is willing to work with Russia, this fact angers Pres Putin to the point of making him unable to make decisions capable of restoring Russia to greatness once again until he puts is able to put his anger behind him. GOD has blinded him. But that is for another day.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) Ariel Sharone, former Prime Minister of Israel, has been on Life Support for over 7 years. His organs are currently failing. When he dies it is predicted the Anti Christ - the GREAT TEACHER of Lucifer - will come and lead us pout of our duldrums.

2) "Welcome to 2014 and 40,000 New Laws."

3) A message for the London Masonic Lodge: No, a European member of Royalty cannot be a Mason automatically - he must willingly take your oath and swear loyalty to our gods of Babylon.
Please pray that Pres Putin is able to look beyond his own prejudices and jealousy and does what should be done to help this planet.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Happy New Year

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